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Meeting Medical Emergencies with Personal Health Insurance

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Meeting Medical Emergencies with Personal Health Insurance

Meeting Medical Emergencies with Personal Health Insurance

There is no convenient time for an injury to occur or an illness to afflict us. It cannot be denied that the need for personal health insurance provide the much needed source of peace at these times as the huge cost of treatment can be easily met through the plans. However, the problems faced with personal health insurance by the insurance companies make them to increase the cost of insurance.

Need For Personal Health Insurance

One can pay for the large medical costs incurred during any illness or any kind of injury, if one is covered by personal health insurance. The insurance companies provide the benefits to the owners of personal health insurance at the price that was signed at the time of purchasing the plan and the regular premium that was paid by the policyholder. The companies could either pay directly to the policyholder or else as repayment of medical bills paid by the holder of the policy.

To go about purchasing personal health insurance, one has to provide complete medical history of oneself. The details of medical history are put on a form and include such information like weight, list of diseases that were treated earlier and other important medical information. The better is an individual's medical history, the lower is the premium for health insurance. There can be a discount for non-smokers and for those having a healthy life. If there is a history of medical conditions with an individual, they are automatically screened out.

Personal health insurance are available for dental care, vision care or prescription drugs. The cost of insurance depends on the type of insurance chosen and the provider of the insurance.

Problems Faced With Personal Health Insurance

Insurance providers face different types of problems while providing health insurance coverage to individuals. Different surveys have shown that when a person is diagnosed sick for having any medical condition or when there is suspicion of any wrong, they show interest to buy personal health insurance. Again it has been found that if an individual finds some medical complications could afflict them in the future, they look for personal medical insurance. There are many cases where an individual after purchasing personal medical insurance starts drinking or smoking.

These kinds of situations increase the cost of insurance because policy holders of personal health insurance remain at high risk. The increase in cost puts the insurance providers at a disadvantage, thus putting their business at a risk. The insurance providers are unable to provide the genuine applicants with health insurance.

There is a consensus however, that those who are in need of medical help look for personal health insurance more than others. Thus, there is no room for any problem with insurance providers to offer health insurance.

A debate is raging about whether to fund publicly personal health insurance to provide health insurance to both the good and bad risk people with coverage without getting into the detail of one's health. The insurance providers argue that the cost of providing health insurance has increased as more sick people purchase personal health insurance. The opponents contradict that there are few sick people who actually purchase personal health insurance.

The cost of personal health insurance has also increased for many other reasons. It has been found that the longevity of an individual has lengthened as a result of development in medical science.

This has led to an increase in the aging population looking for more medical care in comparison to the younger generation. As a result there has been a rise in the cost. If people are little careful about their health, eat healthily and do proper exercise, the insurance arena would be a much better place.

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