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Obama Urged Doctors to Support Health Reform

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Obama Urged Doctors to Support Health Reform

Obama Urged Doctors to Support Health Reform

The Obama administration has urged doctors present throughout the nation to support the implementation of the health care reform proposals. On August 25, 2009 an important meeting was organized by White House officials. Around 3,000 doctors and other executives from different professional unions were summoned and were urged to participate in the promotion of the health care reform movement of President Obama. In this conference, the doctors and union members were informed about the administration's objectives behind the reform, health care issues were discussed and followed by a question answer session.

Prior to organizing the meeting, the doctors and the other invitees were emailed a booklet from White House as a written request to promote Obama's health reform. The booklet contained all the information regarding the various proposals to overhaul the health care condition of the nation.

There were some propositions to promote health reform, which were also dispatched to the doctors and physicians through the booklet. The propositions were

  • Arrangement of health care related events
  • Hosting hospitals tours throughout the country
  • Celebrating a national health reform week

Even, the Obama administration welcomed the doctors to put forward their own innovative ideas of promoting the health reform movement of the president.

Obama has requested for support of both the general people and also of the Congress for his health reform movement. During the entire month of August 2009, various opposition leaders tried to spread misinterpreted data regarding Obama's reform proposals among the masses and thereby, it led the rise of lots of doubts and cynicism in the minds of the common people concerning the effects of health reform.

The aid of television ad campaigns was taken to oppose Obama's overhaul proposals. The administration officials are thus trying to stop the broadcasting of such programs and raise public support for the overhaul.

White House officials requested the doctors to take part in this reform movement, as they are the important members of the society responsible for delivery of quality medical services to the people and improve the health care condition of the country. The officials also convened with many senior citizens and nursing unions, in order to request for their support for the president's reform proposals.

The Obama administration faced severe opposition from the health insurance companies as the president is planning to devise and formulate a government-aided public health plan, which is presumed to challenge the survival of the private health plans in the market. But the president is also trying his best to minimize the competition so that both the private health plans and the public health insurance program can exist in the insurance market. The aim is not to attack the private health plans, but to offer more health insurance options to the people so that they remain insured.

In the meeting, many health care advisors also requested the administrative officials to do something in order to downsize the proposed reductions in Medicare payments to the doctors. It was told in the convention that Obama's health reform proposals will be beneficial for the entire nation and each of its residents, once it gets implemented. However, certain measures of the reform might harm specific people's interests but that will be for the betterment of the nation as a whole.


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