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San Francisco Contented with New Health Program

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San Francisco Contented with New Health Program

San Francisco Contented with New Health Program

Kaiser Family Foundation, a popular not-for-profit organization responsible for analyzing on health care related issues, conducted a survey on an exclusive health program called Healthy San Francisco that was launched in the city. The survey findings revealed that around 94% of the people who took part in the health program were found to be contented with it. Among them, 94% participants promised to refer their friends about the program and proposed that other cities must also initiate such programs. Four out of 10 participants confirmed that the care they received got better from the time they enrolled for the program.

The organization did a random sampling on 1,026 people who took part in the program. The survey was conducted for many weeks commencing from March 2009, on a wide range of subjects associated with the health care matters of the participants. The positive reports of the survey indicated that the project Healthy San Francisco was indeed a success.

Since July 2007, Healthy San Francisco was launched to provide health care to over 60,000 uninsured population of the city, not considering any of the preexisting circumstances, employment condition or immigration status of the people. Till now, around 75% of the uninsured population has been brought under the coverage of this program by spending around 120 million dollars annually. This expenditure includes the city expenses, state funding, employer donations and the fees of the participants.

With the argument regarding health care reform spreading throughout the nation, the administration of President Obama has considered Healthy San Francisco as a perfect substitutive model of their government-run public health plan.

Apart from finding out the level of contentment of the participants regarding Healthy San Francisco, the survey was also found out the scope for more development, particularly by spreading awareness and education regarding the health program.

However, there were several grievances regarding this innovative health program. They are as follows:

  • About 40% of the people expected that they will be able to avail care outside the boundaries of the city. Their expectations were not fruitful as Healthy San Francisco is not a regular health insurance program and offers coverage for only the city's medical care services.
  • Many people complained about the unavailability of coverage for vision and dental care services through this program.
  • Some of the people who were less literate and not in a sound health status were not able to understand the actual operations of Healthy San Francisco at all.
  • Around 28% of the participants were unable to comprehend the costs for which they were accountable for. The figure soared up to 36% when considering the sick and less literate populations and to 41% when considering the Spanish population.
  • Those people in San Francisco, who have already subscribed to the private health insurance plans, started comparing the benefits offered by their health plans to that offered by Healthy San Francisco. This is because; this health program provided more or less comprehensive coverage to the uninsured people when judged against the regular private health plans.

Despite of these prevalent complaints, Healthy San Francisco proved one thing very clearly and it is that a public health plan can operate well in future and suffice most of the health care requirements of the people.


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