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Senate Bill Will Cover More Georgians

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Senate Bill Will Cover More Georgians

Senate Bill Will Cover More Georgians

It seems that Senate's ongoing debate on healthcare overhaul has no impact to the lives of the Georgians. However, whether the bill is passed or rejected, it will definitely affect Georgian's well being.

According to a report by Families USA, over 1.1 million Georgia residents will be provided with coverage by the year 2019 under the Senate healthcare overhaul bill. Senate bill will cover more Georgians.

The report has also revealed that if the bill gets rejected, over 290,000 Georgians will no longer have coverage by the year 2019. Between the years 2007 and 2008, more than 1.6 million GA residents were uninsured and it is expected to rise to almost 2 million; if the healthcare bill fails to be approved. Nationwide, the number of people without insurance, will be almost 55 million; on failure of the Senate healthcare bill. But, if it succeeds, then Senate bill will cover more Georgians.

According to the Families USA's spokesperson, the consequences of the bill's failure will severely impact the life of people of Georgia as well as the whole country. The Americans have to suffer a lot; many of them have to face the shocking consequences of being uninsured.

Senate bill will cover more Georgians; on being successful. But, along with the Georgians, people from all other states will also gain on passage of the Senate healthcare overhaul bill. Passage of Patient's Protection and Affordable Care Act may not directly enhance coverage to the people, but it will surely help the economy to grow. It will also raise the safety and sustainability of the healthcare coverage as well as will make the insurance premiums affordable.

The Patient's Protection and Affordable Care Act will work in accordance to the following ways;

  • Ensuring access to healthcare for all Americans - The bill wants insurance companies to provide coverage to all Americans who apply for healthcare; irrespective of age, health condition and gender.
  • Keeping insurance premiums reasonable - The bill would aid hundreds of thousands of middle-income families that are not capable of paying for healthcare coverage; by establishing a new medical insurance industry where they can buy standard coverage, irrespective of health condition and gender. Moreover, the Senate's bill will provide premium funding to all those families whose income is up to 400% of the government's decided poverty level.
  • Intensification Medicaid - Presently, in over 40 states, people with no dependent kids are not qualified for the Medicaid at all-even; provided they are impoverished. The new bill will lead every people with income less than 133% of poverty level, are qualified for Medicaid; irrespective of whether the person has a dependant child or not, and substantially, raising the number.

Government has a way to provide peace of mind to the people giving and expanding insurance coverage to practically everybody in Georgia. Senate bill will cover more Georgians.

However, we can expect the Senate to rise to the opportunity and pass the healthcare overhaul bill.

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