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Student health insurance can be less expensive

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Student health insurance can be less expensive

Student health insurance can be less expensive

There is a tendency among many college students to skip out to pay for their health insurance to cut expenses and in the process save few pennies. According to a study conducted by the Commonwealth Fund Task Force, around 10 percent of students would not go to pay for health insurance if asked to make a choice. The study also revealed that those people who are within the age brackets of 19 to 29 are double in number to that of children and senior citizens when it comes to coverage for health insurance. The percent of uninsured young people has also increased from 22 to 30 percent. All these figures sum up the serious state of affairs when it comes to students health insurance. Parents must take note of the situation.

At the time of buying health insurance plans for themselves, Parents must read the policy thoroughly to make sure that their children are insured without any conditions applied. It is better to read the fine print in the policy before signing the dotted line. In spite of most family insurance plans that claim to provide coverage to your children till they reach the age of 22 or for that matter college graduation, some plans do not take the responsibility of covering children if they reach the age of 18 or 21. This happens, despite your children being a student. This situation is all the more conspicuous if the status of the student in college changes from a full-timer to part-timer, when many providers will not cover your children with health insurance. Hence, it is imperative to have a good understanding of all nitty-gritty, the policy requires so that there is no rude awakening at a later time.

It must be recognized that students who are studying in colleges that are away from their residence will be required to make additional insurance coverage for such expenses like regular visits to doctors, lab work, prescriptions and similar other medical needs. In this regard, it needs mentioning that there are colleges that provide low cost supplemental insurance options to the students to help them meet their expenses. One must be cognizant that in case of close network HMO or PPO, the non-emergency care is available within a chosen area.

The good news for students who are not covered under the present health insurance plan of their parents is that there are availability of many student health insurance plans to take care of them. Despite the student plans varying in different states, they have one thing in common, that of providing coverage to all the students in general. This includes the older students, married students, graduate students or international students.

Students have the added advantage of availing on-campus health care clinics that are provide health care at affordable rates. The size of the campus also determines the number of health services offered, the larger universities providing round-the-clock service facilities while the smaller colleges taking care of minor emergencies and limited services.

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