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The Case of Universal Health Insurance

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The Case of Universal Health Insurance

The Case of Universal Health Insurance

Universal health insurance is a health care system that helps the residents of any governmental region to get healthcare without having to pay for it. The healthcare system does not consider pre-existing medical condition or financial situation of the individual. However, Universal medical insurance differs by system and there could be some medical condition that do not come within the ambit of the insurance policy or are partially covered. Universal health insurance covers medical, mental health and dental care. The funding of Universal health insurance is mostly through single-payer system or compulsory health insurance. The Countries Offering Universal health insurance are the wealthy, industrialised countries, the exception being the United States.

Funding of Universal Health Insurance

The Universal health care is funded through a mixed system in most countries. Although, the primary source is general taxation, in some countries it gets additional funding through specific levies that are charged to the individual as well as / or the employer. There are also private payments directly or through optional insurance for such services which are not covered by the public system.

In most of Europe, Universal health insurance is financed through contributions both from public and private sources. In countries like Germany, Japan and France, there is a multi-layer system of funding of healthcare system by private and public contributions.

Countries Offering Universal Health Insurance

The countries providing Universal health insurance include Argentina, Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Greece, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, The Republic of China (Taiwan), Australia, Belgium, Cuba, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Seychelles, Spain, Sweden and The United Kingdom.

Arguments in respect of Universal Health Insurance

Supporters of Universal health insurance argue that health care must be considered as a human right. The health benefits that are available will save the lives of those individuals who might go without treatment without having their own insurance. It is also argued that having Universal health insurance will lessen the number of diseased individuals. There could also be a centralized database containing medical information that could help in diagnosis and treatment by doctors much easier.

Those supporting Universal health insurance have suggested the U.S. government to make sponsorship and establish the different options of health insurance and at the same time provide funds for every citizen so that they can meet their insurance costs. Government must make large payments to the poor and elderly people. Government must also provide insurance coverage from the basic levels to a comprehensive one. The large plans could be more expensive. The coverage must include preventative care so that people get healthier life styles. This way, spreading of diseases could be prevented.


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