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What Should Be Included in Health Insurance Coverage

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What Should Be Included in Health Insurance Coverage

What Should Be Included in Health Insurance Coverage

With the rising cost of health insurance coverage, it becomes essential to get the best healthcare policy for oneself. For those without health insurance coverage, becoming ill or meeting with an accident could be a financial disaster. To get the best health care policy, there are certain questions on health insurance that need to be asked to oneself. One must have a clear knowledge about what should be included in health insurance coverage. Items covered under health insurance policy include hospital, surgical and physician's expenses.

Questions On Health Insurance

To get good health insurance policy coverage, one must ask the following questions while selecting one.

  • Can I afford the monthly cost of premium of the health insurance policy?
  • Is there any deductible that needs to be paid before the beginning of full health insurance policy?
  • Is my employer going to pay the full or part of insurance premium?
  • Will the doctor, hospital and lab provide service for the plan chosen?
  • What is the total cost of to be paid for out-of-network medical expenses?
  • Is the monthly premium going to provide coverage in severe illness?
  • What is going to be the out-of-pocket expenses during severe illness?

It needs to be made clear that the pricing structure for getting coverage for health insurance is often confusing. There are a lot of variables to be considered like the health insurance companies, the different health insurance plans and benefits that make it quite daunting to get affordable health insurance policy.

The policy of health insurance is a contract between an individual and the insurance company. There are a list of different benefits that are included in the policy including medication, testing, different treatments and other medical care. The complete benefits provided in the coverage are collectively known as covered services.

A provision exists in health insurance coverage that waives the premium to be paid in case of becoming severely ill for an extended period. This helps a policy holder during the period when one is not able to work by not having to pay any premium. There may be cases where the physician asks for prescription drug or some treatment which is not covered by the health insurance plan. In this situation, it is the health insurance company who decides about the coverage and not the health care provider. This makes it important to make the insurance provider or the agent to clarify the insurance policy.

What Should Be Included in Health Insurance Coverage

One must see to it that hospital, physician and surgical expenses are covered in the health insurance plan. One can go for major medical coverage to deal with severe illness or sudden accident. One can buy separately basic health insurance as well as Major Medical insurance separately. However, these two are bought in a combined form as a single health insurance policy.

Items Covered Under Health Insurance Policy

The basic health insurance coverage provided with any policy are hospital expense, surgical expense and physician expense. The major medical insurance coverage is purchased to protect oneself in the event of injuries or severe illnesses. This kind of policy has a large dollar amount that helps to get the maximum benefits. Most of the policies covered are of $250,000 though the recommended amount is over $1,000,000. Most of the health insurance policies include the following:

  • Lab Services
  • Diagnostic tests like MRIs, CAT
  • Radiology, X-Rays
  • Ambulance Services
  • Blood and Plasma
  • Intensive Care along with other hospitalization charges
  • Medication
  • Oxygen
  • Nursing and other medical services
  • Surgical, diagnostic and medical services
  • Dental Treatment injuries
  • Anaesthesia
  • Prosthetics

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