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Women Are Victims Of Spar Over Abortion Bill

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Women Are Victims Of Spar Over Abortion Bill

Women Are Victims Of Spar Over Abortion Bill

The Senate Democrats planned to pass a healthcare overhaul process prior to they ended for the current year. But, they were being let down by Democrat Sen. Ben Nelson on a hot issue, which can spoil the entire bill; Abortion.

Nebraska's Democrat Nelson discarded the deal on abortion coverage. He was the only Democrat to oppose the proposal. Without him, it is supposed that Democrats could manage minimum a single Republican for voting and gaining 60 votes for the proposal to be passed. And, as a result, women are victims of spar over Abortion Bill.

Advocates of women's rights although previously were firm about healthcare reform but now are against legislation. They are against a bill which may roll back the abortion rights.

Some of the Democrats are not happy with the total thing; since women are victims of spar over Abortion Bill. However, apart from this abortion issue, women have so many things to get from the healthcare overhaul. After all, women are very protective and care for their family.

But, the traditionalists believe that the legislation is not good for the general people. They doubt that it may lead to the followings:

  • Government's controlled allotments for healthcare
  • Erode the standard of healthcare
  • Bankrupt the whole nation by means of expensive federal plans

They want lawmakers to make sure that government allowance is not utilized to pay for the insurance plans that provide coverage for abortions.

Some personnel like Susan Armacost, the legislative director of Wisconsin Right to Life feel that most of the Americans will be against taxpayers' funding for abortion including the pro-choice.

Therefore, ultimately the women are victims of spar over Abortion Bill.

Senators denied the procedure, which may have added more stringent restrictions on providing coverage for abortion to the healthcare bill. Sen. Nelson said that he is not going to support a healthcare bill without restrictions on the coverage for abortion.

The practice continues

People against abortion coverage say that the Stupak amendment is still continuing the practice of outlawing funding for abortions. Without the limitations, the opponents think taxpayers may fund for abortion coverage.

Previously, women rights supporters touted several requirements in the bill that according to them will help women's accessibility to a reasonable healthcare.

Women are however happy about the efforts that they would access healthcare services under both Medicare and Medicaid.

But, the question is that is the package good enough or better than before.

Critics of legislation have detained the recommendations by US. Preventive Service Task Force that women below 50 should not go for mammography; since it may be harmful. They believe that the government may be agreed to such recommendation to ration healthcare. This practice has already been started in California. Women, who earn less, no more can take advantage of state program to test for Cancer.

However, some Republicans believe that politics will not come between the doctors and their female patients.

But the thing is obvious that women are in worse condition than men if accessibility to reasonable healthcare coverage is concerned.

According to impartial Kaiser Family Foundation:

  • 50% of the working females get coverage through their employers in comparison to 57% of males.
  • If compared to men, numbers of women are almost double, who are considered as dependants and mostly loss coverage on being divorced or widowed.
  • 14% women on private health insurance policies say they postponed healthcare or not went for it at all, due to the cost factor.

The promoters of healthcare overhaul believe that present healthcare recommendations are likely to equalize the differences.

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