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ELEKS Grabbed The Most Innovative Product Award

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ELEKS Grabbed The Most Innovative Product Award

ELEKS Grabbed The Most Innovative Product Award

At ITMED 2009, ELEKS grabbed the most innovative product award. According to an announcement made by ELEKS Software, that with Doctor Eleks Medical Information System, ELEKS has grabbed the most innovative product award at the third international forum of innovative technologies for medicines.

Taken place at Bialystok, Poland, during the first week of December 2009, the ITMED conference was participated by almost 150 experts. Experts from Poland, Sweden, Belarus, specializing in medical as well as technology fields from medical backgrounds, software companies all over the Europe attended the conference to share their experiences. Here they discussed the various technologies used by them, presented them and demonstrated their achievements in an innovative way as well as the technological advancement in delivering cutting-edge medical care.

In this three days' conference from December 1-3, 2009, the experts were consulted as to the most innovative solutions of medical technologies. As they voted for the best solutions they have worked with, it was found that they are most satisfied with the Dr. Eleks' Medical Information System and at the conclusion, ELEKS grabbed the most innovative product award, the topmost honor to be delivered. They were overwhelmed by their success, as described by Oleksiy Skrypnyk, Jr, the CEO of ELEKS Software. Oleksiy did not conceal his happiness saying their feeling of being honored to win this prestigious award.

As ELEKS grabbed the most innovative product award, it is seen as a significant endorsement from the healthcare industry, added Oleksiy. They are satisfied that their technology is trusted to be one with ability to work with increasing number of patient and their records, by the healthcare professionals, said Peter Konovalov, who is the Business Director and program manager for Dr. Eleks at ELEKS Software. He demands it is their extensive market research, which has yielded a system which is innovative and capable enough to address the need for healthcare professionals.

Some Words about Eleks Medical Information System

Dr. Eleks medical management systems looks at every aspect of patient management. It automates the patient management in a way that every size of medical institution will be capable enough to run this for their offices. In small-scale doctor's office, medium sized clinic to large sized hospitals, this medical information system can be run competently. As opposed to the doctors spending a large amount of time doing paper work in the past with manual handling of patient data, this new medical information system eliminates the need for paperwork, thus enabling the clinicians concentrating more on the patient care and owing to this these features with many other, ELEKS grabbed the most innovative product award.

Innovative technologies are integrated and customized in ELEKS system in such way that all specialties can be covered with the examination templates. From family practice to cardiology, dermatology, obstetrics, gastroenterology and lot other medical branches can be served with the customizable templates with integration of many types of electronic medical devices in accordance with the DICOM or Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine standard. At the same time, with the integration of picture archiving and communication system, storage and processing of diagnostic images of ultrasound, endoscopy, colonoscopy, CAT scanner is done effectively. Maintaining Health Level 7 standard, it can exchange medical records with other healthcare institutions having the system for it.

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