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Glossary of terms used in insurance - J

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Glossary of Insurance Terms - J

Glossary of terms used in insurance - J

  1. Joint And Survivor Annuity: This refers to an annuity that has two annuitants. They are usually spouses. The payment continues till at least one annuitant is living.
  2. Joint Underwriting Association: These refer to a group of insurer who get together to offer insurance to such groups that cannot obtain insurance in a voluntary market. These companies have a joint share in the losses and gains of such offers. JUAs are set up to various kinds of covers such as homeowners and auto insurance. They also offer commercial covers.
  3. Junk Bonds: These refer to bonds which have BB or less credit ratings. These may involve market risks forcing investors to sell bonds even when prices are low. There are usually limits on such investments in all states. Since property owners may be called upon to provide huge amounts of money during disasters, they must keep a certain amount of liquidity.


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