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Hispanics Blacks More Affected by Swine Flu

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Hispanics Blacks More Affected by Swine Flu

Hispanics Blacks More Affected by Swine Flu

Swine flu has sent more Hispanics and blacks to hospitals than the Whites as revealed by a research in Chicago. The research was basically conducted to show how the flu virus affects various racial communities.

The research reports reflects few unpublished information from Boston, which revealed three out of every four Boston-residents hospitalized due to swine flu were either Hispanic or black.

However, according to the health officials the cause for difference is not probably genetic. Most probably, it's because the Hispanics and the blacks excessively suffer from the diabetes, asthma and other health conditions that make them more prone to flu.

A federal medical official said that it's not apparent whether an ethnic or racial difference would hold up while a comprehensive nationwide data will be available. The result is based on a few number of cases from initial days of swine flu pandemic.

According to Dr. Daniel Jernigan from U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they don't have anything ultimate to say that one class is more affected than another.

Chicago findings considered to be the first released report to detail an ethnic or a racial breakdown of the impact of swine flu.

Researchers considered over 1,500 lab-confirmed cases of swine flu which was reported to Chicago Department of Public Health from late April to July.

The study found, blacks having swine flu were hospitalized at the rate of 9 out of every 100,000 and Hispanics at the rate of 8 out of every 100,000;while, for the whites, the rate was only 2. And, this higher rate of Hispanics and blacks swine flu hospitalizations is very much distressing, as said by Barbara Ferrer, the executive director of Boston Public Health Commission.

She also included that the reason is however understandable; since we have excessive discriminations in the most healthcare-related areas.

Experts also noted that Boston and Chicago data display limited information from two cities and only from the initial 2 or 3 months of the swine flu outbreak. The impulsive nature of the outbreaks denotes few parts of the city were affected before others - a manner that has very little to do with the race.

According to a flu expert from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, this sequence echoed that the disease first hit the neighborhood areas.

During this fall season, the U.S. government will conduct nationwide surveys to better understand the nature of swine flu. And, this must provide reliable and accurate information on how the swine flu virus affects various groups of people.

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