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How do I choose a plan?

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How do I choose a plan?

How do I choose a plan?

Prior to coming to a decision about the right plan for yourself, consider the following.

  • Is the plan affordable?
  • Should I get comprehensive insurance or just a cover for large expenses?
  • What deductibles do I need to pay before my insurance kicks in?
  • How are my expenses reimbursed after I have paid my deductibles?
  • How much more do I have to pay if I visit doctors outside the company’s network?
Does the plan Cover Services I Require?
  • Are the doctors and service providers I prefer covered under the network?
  • May I use doctors outside the network?
  • Is it easy to change the primary care physician?
  • Do I need to seek permission if I want to see a specialist?
  • What are the procedures for getting emergency care covers?
  • Will the plan cover my pre existing medical condition?
  • Will it cover chronic conditions such as asthma and cancer?
  • Are the prescription medicines covered in the plans?
  • Are coverages provided for alternative medication therapies like acupuncture?
  • Does it cover pregnancy costs?


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