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Stroke Survivors Countenance Enduring Risks

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Stroke Survivors Countenance Enduring Risks

Stroke Survivors Countenance Enduring Risks

The chance of a recurring stroke that is more prone to be dangerous or disabling than the initial stroke is higher even long after the initial stroke as indicated by a research.

The research report also explains the significance of several risks at different time after stroke as noted by Dr. Kitty M. Mohan from the King's College London, UK in the interview with the Reuters Health.

For instance, Dr. Mohan said that higher level of blood pressure is an important risk issue for recurrence of stroke in middle as well as long term periods, but not so important in early period (up to first 12 months) after the first stroke.

Dr. Mohan and her fellow workers used information from South London Stroke Register to evaluate the risks as well as the predictors of long term recurrence in about 2875 patients that suffered from their first stroke between the year of 1995 and 2004. They have been followed up for up to almost 10 consecutive years.

During the follow-up, 303 repeated strokes were identified. The increasing risk of stroke repetition was 7.1% at first one year, 16.2% at next 5 years and 24.5% at consecutive 10 years.

Patients those had a pre-history of a heart attack and heart rhythm disorder or atrial fibrillation were at enhanced risk to suffer from another stroke in first year after the first stroke, as found by the researchers.

Pre-stroke higher level of blood pressure and atrial fibrillation enhanced the chance of stroke repetition at the first 5 years, while the older age at the first stroke, heart attack and pre-stroke high blood pressure and atrial fibrillation enhanced the chance of second stroke at the consecutive 10 years.

Dr. Mohan said that by explaining several predictors for the stroke repetition in early, medium and long-term period, they have emphasized the long term commitment required to change cardiovascular risk factors before the stroke and after the stroke.

She added knowing while a patient is prone to have a stroke repetition denotes that managing their variable risk features would be individually customized so as to have an impact at the beneficial time and so, decreasing the chance of further strokes happening.

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