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West Clinic Helps Testing Breast Cancer Drug

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West Clinic Helps Testing Breast Cancer Drug

West Clinic Helps Testing Breast Cancer Drug

Memphis physicians are assisting to bring a potential new drug to promote for the benefits of the breast cancer patients whose cancer is resistant to other cancer drugs.

West Clinic helps testing breast cancer drug. The West Clinic treats the cancer patients across the entire Mid-South and now has started enrolling patients for a clinical trial to assess the potentiality of this new breast cancer drug.

In the last stage before the federal approval is required, BSI-201 has been studied as a part of a class of new medications called PARP inhibitors.

Patients that fall under the subgroup of triple negative breast cancer - an aggressive type of disease with minimum life anticipation, accounting for roughly 20% of the breast cancer patients - are being considered for how good PARP inhibitors function with their conventional chemotherapy treatment to annihilate the cancerous cells.

Tracy Stewart, the director of the research said that there are not so many options right now for the triple-negative type of cancer; so everybody has lots of expectation from this new drug.

Amanda, a 46 years old lady was identified with triple-negative type of cancer about 2 years back.

This Mississippi resident tried different treatments including chemotherapy, but her cancer sustained and spread to her chin and liver.

At this situation, her physician told her about local PARP inhibitor and she just jumped at that opportunity. She was just hoping for the success story.

The research was basically conducted on those cancer patients whose malignancy has spread further than breasts.

Patients like Amanda who have been suffering from Triple-negative type of cancer generally don't respond much to the chemotherapy.

PARP inhibitors stop body from repairing the cancer cells that the chemotherapy tries to destroy.

West Clinic helps testing breast cancer drug. Dr. Lee Schwartzberg, the medical director for the West Clinic said that they don't consider this therapy as a cure, but it could help breast cancer patients living longer.

There was excitement around this new drug in June'2009 when two researches were released and showed some positive results with PARP treatment on a few numbers of breast cancer patients. And, it has proved that benefits of this drug are quite promising.

As a valued part of Accelerated Community Oncology Research Network which is partnered with the pharmaceutical companies for conducting and offering more effective clinical studies, West Clinic was amongst almost 80 locations selected to help testing PARP inhibitor.

BiPar Science is the maker of this drug. BiPar Science is a fully owned subsidiary of Bridgewater, NJ-based Sanofi-aventis, a globally known pharmaceutical company.

On the other hand, PARP inhibitor is also being tried on ovarian cancer patients.

According to Stewart, they always get patients who have already been going to several cancer research institutions and grasping for any treatment.

Volunteers in Memphis for the trial of this drug will be chosen randomly for either receiving a placebo or the drug, along with regular chemotherapy. If the patient's cancer develops during that trial period, they will get the choice of getting the real medicine.

He hopes that the trial would be wrapped up by the end of 2010.

The West Clinic
Participants: Patients having triple negative breast cancer
What: Stage 3 trial for the BSI-201, the PARP inhibitor
Where: Offered at 8 locations
Information: Call at 683-0055, ext. 1075.

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