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Arizona Health Savings Accounts

About Arizona Health Savings Account

Wondering what health saving account or HSA is? Take a look at the one of the most tax-effective accounts in Arizona that saves your money and insures you at the same time. Healthcare is now affordable with the little that you pay for HSA.

People of Arizona can meet their medical expenses and also save a decent amount for their future on retirement. The can make use of the pre-tax dollars in paying for their medical expenses. Pick the best HSA plan for yourself and your family by comparing among the various plans at

Benefits of Health Saving Account

Saving money by getting the Health Saving Account is easy by the following:

  • Tax free accounting of money along with accrued interest
  • 100 percent tax deductions from the HSA amount
  • HSA medical expenses are free from penalties or taxes
  • Can avail a high deductible HSA plan with low premium than get a lower deductible plan

HSA's Annual Contribution

  • HSA's maximum annual contribution for the year 2010 for a self only individual plan is 3.050 dollars.
  • HSA's maximum share for family coverage is 6,150 dollars
  • For 55 years older and above the contribution is about 1,000 dollars

Income Tax on Arizona's HSA share

Arizonian residents can minus the HSA share amount from their taxable income.

Laws regarding HSAs are may change. Kindly, check with the IRS ( a licensed agent regarding rules and regulations.

High Deductible Health Plans or HDHP:

Till the year 2010, the highest extra amount for HDHP coverage was about 5,950 dollars for an individual self cover. For a family HDHP coverage however, this amount rose to twice the basic amount that is 11,900 dollars.

The least deductible amount for HDHPs in the year 2010 was 1200 dollars for individual self cover and 2,400 for a family group cover.

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