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Arkanas Health Insurance Pool

About Arkanas Health Insurance Pool

Brought up by Arkanas General Assembly in the year 1995, this is one of the best insurance to go for, while covering the deadliest of diseases. Often such medical cases are not covered by individual health insurance market. Getting yourself covered with the Arkanas Health Insurance Pool is easy though there's a process and few things to be taken care of.

Benefits of getting a Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool in Arkanas

Getting an Arkanas Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool becomes easier by being eligible for it by keeping the following things in mind:

  • If the person has a minimum of 18 months of continuous health policy cover
  • Has been a part of a COBRA insurance plan
  • No non-payment issue with any previous insurance coverage
  • No fraud case registered regarding claims of any policy
  • Are eligible under HIPAA and are not under any group coverage
  • Who fall under the eligibility criteria of Health Coverage Tax Credit federal program
  • Has no other health insurance cover

The maximum benefit that you get by availing the policy is over a million. This is the best that you can get along with a strong health cover that takes care of the major medical ailments.

AHIP Plans and their utility:

If you are wondering what Arkanas Health Insurance Pool has to offer, get ready to know about its plans in detail.

Some of the notable features of the plans are:

About 80 percent of the medical expenses are covered within the network. For this however, 1000 dollars worth out-of-pocket deductible is to be paid.

60 percent of the medial expenses are covered by the policy for beyond network services.

For drug related treatments, mental disorder treatments and chemical dependency, about 50 percent rate reduction is permitted.

Only after the annual deductibles are paid to their limit, does the Comprehensive Health Insurance pool pays its percentage.

Funding Arkanas Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool(ACHIP)

Funding is drawn from the premiums that are paid during the period. The deficit however, is filled in after the assessments carried out by the Board of Directors of ACHIP.

Premiums are calculated by considering the standard premium for the policies with same benefits to healthy insured in Arkanas. The premiums are not more than 150 percent of standard risk.

Waiting period for pre-existing condition

If the pre existing condition is covered before taking the health cover, the insured can get an optional waiver. People opting for the waiver may not qualify for the continuous coverage. They need to apply for the waiver before a month of completion of the previous coverage.

Enrolling for Arkanas Health Insurance Pool

63 days prior to the expiry of your previous health insurance cover, you can apply for the Arkanas CHIP plan. To change your current plan into a higher deductible one, you must apply before the 15th of a month, which will be effective from the first of the following month. To know more about Arkanas Health Insurance Pool you can get the quotes from

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