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Alabama Health Insurance FAQs

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Alabama Health Insurance FAQs

Alabama Health Insurance FAQs

My health insurance provider is not renewing my existing policy. Can they do so?

Your health insurance company have right to not to renew your policy, if the policy hasn't guaranteed renewability provision. So, it is always required that you watchfully read the section of your agreement relating to cancellation.

How long do the insurance companies have to pay medical claims?

Insurance companies have 45% in hand to pay or refuse a claim, when proof of loss has been obtained and if not asked for any additional information.

I recently had an open heart surgery. The doctor's bill was 20,000 USD, I filed claim with my insurance provider, but they are saying that only 11,000 USD is absolutely reasonable and customary. I don't get 9000 USD. How can I get them pay more for my claim?

Reasonable as well as customary rates that vary depending on the insurance providers, demography and hospitals are absolutely non-regulated by the Alabama Insurance Department.

Respective doctor can request the insurance provider, if he or she has done a very difficult surgery or it needed atypical procedure. And, you can request after verifying customary rates for other doctors in your area and by asking the insurance company to demonstrate how they have arrived at their reasonable and customary rates.

My insurance provider is delaying payments for my hospital claims. They are telling that they are checking for any pre existing medical condition and asking for information about all the doctors I have visited in the last 5 years. I am confirmed that there was no pre-existing medical condition and this is nothing but sheer wastage of time. Can you help me in the matter?

If your policy is over two years old, then your insurance company can not conduct a pre existing medical condition lookup. However, if your policy is under two years old, then they have full right to conduct a pre existing medical condition lookup. You should fill up a Consumer Complaint Form and give us copies of all correspondences you got from your insurance provider. You should also provide us with a copy of your insurance policy. We will get in touch with the insurance company and find out why they are delaying on payment of your claim. We will see what we can do to speed up your case.

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