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Alabama Health Insurance

AL (Alabama) Health Insurance Resources

You can purchase health insurance choosing from two basic categories of individual and group insurance. People who opt for individual insurance may do so on a number of situations- if the person is self- employed, if the person works for a company but it so happens that the company does not provide health insurance, or even if the person wants to purchase insurance for individual members of his family. The process of paying up for these two categories is largely different.

In case youíre buying an individual health insurance plan you are required to pay an annual premium along with a deductible (applying to each insured dependent). On the other hand, a group insurance plan will demand form you not only an annual premium but also co- payments that youíll need to make each time you avail medical service. And the catch here is youíll also need to pay a deductible before the company starts compensating for qualified medical bills.

If itís Alabama health insurance youíre taking about then you need to abide by certain laws to become an eligible policyholder. And getting an insurance policy made at Alabama can be quite tough because state laws give companies the power of accepting or rejecting your case. State laws also allow companies to decide on the premium price according to their convenience. Usually premiums depend on factors like the policyholderís age, his health, the kind of lifestyle he leads and his residential address.

As far as group health insurance under an employer is concerned the state lays down a set of laws. First of all, no matter what medical problem you encounter, your insurance provider needs to pay up and they canít also charge an extra amount for that service. Also the company cannot deny you coverage if you contract an illness in an unprecedented way. In case you switch jobs, you may not receive insurance benefits from your current firm right away. But if youíve enjoyed coverage of a period of 63 days or more youíí have the right to apply for creditable coverage.

The Alabama Department of Insurance has laid down several laws in context to small businesses as well. Small businesses naturally have a right over group heath insurance and no provider can deny them that. But as far as individuals are concerned, the sphere of group health coverage cannot be treaded by them. Itís another story if you want to get hold of the same through some business association.

Getting hold of the most appropriate health insurance can ever be easy, especially if you donít even have the slightest idea about it. That is why you need to undertake a personal research and get acquainted with all pertinent details. If youíre not comfortable going about the entire process alone, you can even get brokers or agents to do the work on your behalf. Since they have enough experience to back them up, you can remain fee of worry throughout.

Regulations regarding individual health insurance

The Alabama Department of Insurance mandates that premiums for Alabama health insurance should be based on:

  • health care costs
  • underlying level of coverage
  • age of insured(s)
  • health of insured(s)
  • lifestyle habits (i.e. smoking)
  • location of residence
  • any optional premium wavers that may be in place

There are no regulations limiting the premium price for individual insurance.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality provides another helpful resource. It will arm you with the information that you'll need to know to make a more informed and confident decision about your health insurance.

Additional Information on Alabama Health Insurance can be obtained from:

Alabama Department of Insurance
201 Monroe Street, Suite 1700
Montgomery, AL 36104


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