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California Health Insurance

CA (California) Health Insurance Resources

Any resident of the United States will agree to the fact that it has become really difficult to pay up for health care costs. And that is precisely why millions of them are coming forward to get themselves insured. With a standard insurance policy, people can at least hope to get coverage if there is an instance of an accident or a sudden illness. Every state has different rules pertaining to health insurance. As far as the state of California goes, health insurance laws are quite strict and officials strictly enforce the same. According to health insurance laws in California, every resident must possess one policy or another.

Californians can choose to obtain health coverage either through Government sponsored programs or through private companies that sell various kinds of insurance. Apart from these, employed individuals may also choose to opt for group plans, insurance offered by employers so that employees can fill in monthly premiums to avail a set of health care benefits. There is also another way in which Californians may choose to insure themselves- through Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) plans. These plans are specifically meant for people who stop receiving health benefits for some reason or the other. COBRA plans are perfect for people in between jobs, who have lost their jobs or have gone through a divorce.

Since 2003, the state laws with regard to health insurance have become stricter due to the continuous influx. This has lead to more people being uninsured and helpless on instances where medical and hospital care is most necessary. No wonder the state decided to pass the California Health Insurance Act that very year. The Act made it a rule for employers to provide such cover that would not only take care of both the employees’ and their families’ medical expenses.

In fact much before the California Health Insurance Act was launched, the Health Insurance Accountability and Portability Act (HIPAA) was introduced by the Californian Government so that residents would never face the risk of losing health benefits. This Act was meant to be of advantage to people who lose their jobs untimely and stand a chance of missing out on essential health benefits. After the California Health Insurance Act in 2003, 2005 saw the arrival of the California Health Insurance Reliability Act (CHIRA) that was created to raise the bar of health insurance offered to people belonging to the low income group.

The health insurance market in California like the rest of the United States depends mostly upon not- for- profit health insurance companies for maximum of its transactions. This private sector is seen to offer almost 75% of the entire insurance coverage comprising Government bodies and private concerns.


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