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Ailments are many in the United States and so is the number of people who go without insurance on a yearly basis. A massive number of Americans do not have access to standard health insurance and factors behind it range from unemployment to lack of buying power. But whatever it is, the situation is undesirable and much can be done to rectify it by making correct health insurance information available. In America, different states have different laws as far as health insurance is concerned and in each of them one has to find unique ways to look for the right health plan.

When you’re looking for health insurance in Colorado, you have to consider the following factors in order to understand why you’re without insurance-

  • Is it because you’ve lost a job?
  • Is it because of the death of your partner or a separation that you don’t have insurance?
  • Is it because of an early retirement that you have to go without coverage?
  • Is it because of a serious health condition that you have been denied protection?
  • Is it because your employer does not offer group insurance?
  • Or is it because you cannot afford the cost of coverage?

Once you know your own situation it becomes easier for you to take the correct decision. Considering that you’ve recently lost your job which had insurance advantage, you can opt for coverage continuation under COBRA or Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. If you had been working in an organization with more than 20 employees you’d be in a better position. In such cases, you can choose to continue coverage for 29 months also instead of the usual 18 months. If the company you worked for had less than 20 employees, you can stretch your coverage only until 18 months. However, it can get to be a bit expensive because you’ll need to pay all the premiums.

It might be so that you’re looking for insurance because you lost your right to coverage ever since you divorced your spouse who’d enjoy the benefits of a group insurance. It may also be that you’ve just flown the nest and are not a dependant anymore. Well, COBRA can help you again only if you notify within a short time. Under such circumstances you can have your coverage stretched upto 36 months. The premiums, though, are your own responsibility.

You may also be in need for insurance due to an early retirement. If you were laid off because of a change in company policies you can be eligible for coverage under the Trade Adjustment Assistance Reform Act. This can pay 65% of your health care bills for a year but only if you can prove your eligibility.

Are you finding it difficult to find coverage due to a disability or a serious health condition? In that case, you can apply for either Medicare or Medicaid. In order to become eligible for Medicare, disabled people must be not less than 65 years and must apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). A disability or poor income might also render you eligible for a Medicaid program.

It may be that you’re working with an organization that does not offer you group coverage. In that case, no reason why you should think getting insurance is difficult. Initially what you must do is consider factors like deductibles, co- payments, out- of- pocket expenses and benefits. When you’re done get in touch with an agent who can help you out in finding the right plan.

Affordability is a factor you can’t deny when you’re looking for coverage. If you’re not in a position to shell out resources for a regular policy, then you can always opt for low- cost ones. All you need to do is get in touch with the local community clinic or search on the Internet.


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