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Insurance companies throughout the United States are providing coverage to millions of Americans, but millions are still left uninsured. It’s a sad state of affairs indeed. And the reason behind people not getting insurance can be so many. While one person may just have lost his job, another might have retired only too early. Yet another may have been getting coverage through his or her spouse’s group insurance until the divorce happened. Still others may be earning so less that they’re finding it difficult to make ends meet leave get coverage for themselves. Across the US, the reasons are much the same and they’re not too different in Idaho also. So how does one look for insurance in this state?

People who have just lost their jobs need not despair because they can indeed continue with insurance provided by your previous employer. How? Well, according to the Consolidated Budget Omnibus Act, a person who has worked in an organization with over 20 employees can continue to enjoy the benefits of his previous group insurance even after he has been laid off. In fact, under such circumstances even your family may enjoy some benefits if they so like. If you can support your case, you may even get insurance for 29 months instead of the 18 months people get usually. The only thing you need to do here is pay your own premiums.

Persons who retire earlier than their time are often in doubt as far as insurance is concerned. The problem becomes more pronounced when a person is above 55 years of age but not yet 65. At this juncture of life if an individual chooses to retire, he has to forego all pension benefits offered by the employer. In this ten year period all benefits are offered by the Pension Benefits Guarantee Corporation. This organization usually helps people of this age with more than 60% of their total health costs. Only after a person is 65, can he apply for Medicare.

Things might also take a sticky turn when a person’s family becomes fragmented due to any given circumstance. The reasons may be many ranging from divorce and separation to graduation. In such cases, people can opt to continue coverage under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. In fact, coverage can be as long as 36 months. But remember to get in touch with concerned authorities as soon as you lose out on insurance benefits.

A greater part of the American population still finds it difficult to fund their health coverage. There are enough low cost options to come to their aid when they require medical attention or hospital care or both. If you, too, are unable to bear the burden of paying up for your coverage, you can get assistance from non- profit organizations as well.


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