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Kansas Health Insurance

KS (Kansas) Health Insurance Resources

As the 23rd healthiest state in the United States, Kansas still has a long way to go. From the 17th position in 2006, it has dropped down six notches and that is more a matter of worry than anything else. This further means health insurance is essential for every person living in the state to possess. Getting health insurance in Kansas can pose a problem only if you are not adequately conversant with the rules and regulations. People with pre- existing conditions can easily get coverage under guidelines set by certain federal laws. Likewise, it is also easy to switch from one plan to another.

There are several laws in the state of Kansas that guarantee you peace of mind as far as health insurance is concerned. If you’re an individual who’s just lost his job, then you can put in an application requesting for continuation of coverage under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). Regulations also state that small business owners cannot be refused for group insurance even if any member has any health condition. Exclusions apply only to cases where employers are not able to meet minimum plan requirements. Individuals who have lost their previous group insurance can buy coverage from the Kansas Health Insurance Association if they are successful in meeting other requirements. The Medicaid program is available for individuals and families in the low income group. Children and pregnant women from this section of the society can benefit the most from Medicaid.

If there are rules to ensure coverage stays at its best for all Kansans then there also are regulations that seek to enforce limitations. In case you decide to change your job, you cannot hold onto the expectation that your new employer will offer you group coverage. In Kansas, employers may or may not offer group health insurance. Considering that you’re lucky and able to get insurance, you can’t really have the guarantee that you can start enjoying coverage benefits right away. And in case you’re planning to buy individual health insurance, be ready to shell out any amount of money because organizations charge premiums depending on your health, age, gender and several other factors.

As far as individual insurance goes, people living in Kansas can choose to have such coverage from three sources- Private companies, COBRA coverage and Kansas Health Insurance Association. Rates differ from company to company and any Kansan may be charged a higher price if he is found to have a serious health condition. The situation could be worse where the company simply refuses to offer coverage keeping in sight the current health status of the applier. COBRA coverage works under several circumstances whether it is when a person loses group insurance benefits due to loss of job or when an individual is deprived of coverage due to divorce from or death of spouse. Kansas Health Insurance Association is the best source of insurance if you are not insured and have lived in the state for at least six months.


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