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Massachusetts Health Insurance

MA (Massachusetts) Health Insurance Resources

Ignorance is bliss. But that can hardly be said about health matters. And when it comes to health insurance, every person has to keep his wits about him. Living in Massachusetts and not knowing about the basics in health insurance in the state can lead you into serious trouble. If you want to enjoy a healthier existence you must buy coverage and to get the best you’ll need to equip yourself with the knowledge of state and federal laws. Whether you’re young or old, knowing Massachusetts health insurance laws will render in you in a better position to make better choices.

For one, Massachusetts state laws require all residents above 18 years to possess some sort of health insurance policy. Whether you get insurance through your employer or buy group coverage is entirely your lookout. If your employer happens to offer no group coverage option, you’ll need to purchase your coverage yourself. In case an employer has more than eleven employees working under him, it is expected that he’ll offer group health coverage to them. Additionally, the state laws have also made it compulsory for all health coverage options to work on the lines of pre- existing conditions. But there’s a limit to the waiting period a company can slap on a plan member. Apart from these, state laws make it clear that a person cannot be refused coverage simply because his health is not in the best of conditions or he is aged. In fact, insurance companies can also not charge more because of a person’s health condition.

There are also another set of circumstances where an individual may fail to get health insurance. The maximum number of limitations is attached to your employment status- are you between jobs or have you switched jobs? For one, Massachusetts does not allow people to continue with job- related health benefits once they’ve left it. Shifting to a different job immediately may not fetch you health coverage right away. And even if you become eligible under the new company for health insurance, the benefits may take some time to reap results.

The state has a number of private companies that sell different kinds of health plans ranging from traditional indemnity to PPO and HMO. But not all state residents are in a position to buy such coverage. The rates are usually quite high and that is why several efforts have been made to offer coverage at lower rates to people in the low income group. MassHealth, MassHealth Insurance Partnership, Children’s Security Plan, Women’s Health Network and Medical Security Plan offer health coverage at lesser cost. In certain exceptional cases, they may also offer health insurance for free.


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