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An Overview on Medical Insurance in Washington DC

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Medical Insurance in Washington DC

Medical Insurance in Washington DC

Introduction: The health insurance situation in Washington DC is almost similar to health insurance situation in most of the American states. In accordance to a survey, conducted by The Center for Disease Control, over 13% of the total Washington DC individuals were uninsured for Washington DC medical insurance.

In the article, we have talked about some important Washington DC medical insurance regulations as well as Washington DC alternative medical insurance options.

Regulations for Washington DC Medical Insurance

There are certain regulations created by Washington DC insurance department that the Washington DC medical insurance companies are required to follow.

  • All Washington DC medical insurance policies should have guaranteed provision for renewal, so that Washington DC individuals, who have disbursed all premiums in time and provided no fake information during the term of policy, can renew their existing policy.
  • Washington DC medical insurance companies are allowed to prohibit an individual getting coverage, by means of a pre-existing waiting period.
  • According to state health insurance law, a pre-existing condition is an illness which was present before beginning of new Washington DC medical insurance plan.
  • Washington DC medical insurance companies can impose a pre-existing condition waiting period for indefinite span of time according to their decision.
  • The pre-existing condition waiting period can last for few years.
  • Washington DC medical insurance companies can exclude any a pre-existing condition from coverage, even permanently.
  • If there was no lapse in coverage, then continual coverage for pre-existing condition waiting periods can be credited towards new Washington DC medical insurance plan.
  • Washington DC medical insurance companies can not refuse an individual asking for coverage under employer or group Washington DC medical insurance policy.
  • Washington DC medical insurance can not be ceased due to health status of an individual.
  • D.C. small employers can certainly apply for small group Washington DC medical insurance policies; provided all the contribution as well as participation criteria should be met.
  • D.C health insurance companies can reject or refuse an application on the basis of health condition. Nevertheless, they can not refuse a Washington DC individual, who wants to renew his or her existing D.C medical insurance policy.

Washington DC Medical Insurance Rates

  • The rates of medical insurance in Washington DC differ on dependants upon a Washington DC individual.
  • The rates can be also varying based on changing age and health.
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield should offer medical insurance to the individual seeking coverage under an employer Washington DC medical insurance plan, during the six month's long open enrollment period.
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield should offer minimum one individual Washington DC medical insurance policy to every interested D.C individual.
  • There is no limit on how much the company can charge.

Washington DC Medical Insurance Alternative Options

Washington DC individuals can avail any from the below mentioned health insurance alternative programs, provided the qualifying factors should be met, accordingly.

  • D.C. Healthy Families: This is Washington D.C. medical insurance program, which is available to all children and teens as well as would-be mothers, guardians and parents who are not eligible for D.C. Medicaid or otherwise unable to afford the cost of D.C. medical insurance.
  • Health Care Safety Net Administration or The D.C. Healthcare Alliance: This is a joint business between the city of Washington D.C. and private healthcare providers. This business is especially created to help the D.C. individuals to sustain and develop individual as well as family health. It lets the D.C. individuals have a wide range of professional healthcare suppliers.
  • D.C. Medicaid: D.C. individuals, who meet all the qualifying criteria including income requirements, can avail the state program.

District of Columbia Insurance, Securities and Banking

For more information on D.C. medical insurance, you can contact at the following address:

Dept. of Insurance, Securities and Banking

Government of the District of Columbia
810 First Street NE
Suite 701
Washington, DC 20002
Phone No: (202) 727-8000
Fax No: (202) 535-1196


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