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Discount Medical Program

Discount Medical Program

What is the meaning of Discount Medical Programs?

Discount Medical Programs unlike health insurance offers member to connect with pre approved providers; one has to pay fees on monthly basis to get connected to this providerís network. One can get discount on pharmaceutical services to doctorís visit to a dental care centre.

What is the difference between Discount Medical Plans and Health Insurance?

Discount Medical Plans offer discount over the medical expenses. DMPO Offers a member to pay medical bills at the time of service but if the members move to other provider, he/she receives the care at a low price. Unlike to health insurance, it does not guarantee a member to access medical care.

On the other hand, health insurance offers the guarantee to access medical care. It is ready to face the unexpected. The good thing about this insurance is it incurs additional cost for you if the usage crosses maximum allowable benefits. It helps a person by paying the extra ordinary medical cost required during a critical condition.

How a DMPO works?

DMPO works in following ways:

  • A person without having health insurance can take membership under DMPO which helps him/her to pay reduced cost for health services.
  • DMPO donít make a member to wait because it gives you coverage as soon as you start a job.
  • DMPO members do not need to pass an eligibility test. If health insurance is not giving you the way then DMPO works. You can get a medical care under DMPO. Insurance gives limitation to a holder which DMPO does not. It does not have any limits.

You have to check about the plan rules of your health insurance company before joining for DMPO for whether it allows you to go for DMPO after having the health insurance or not.

What are the features in DMPO that everybody should notice?

The features are:

  • Type of services it offers: Various DMPOs offer various types of services. Now it becomes your choice what you want to select, like DMPO for medical field offers medical care services. Likewise DMPO for amusement sector offers on amusement. The greater number of discount services you enjoy the more your monthly cost will be.
  • Price: Few DMPOS offer free but most of them offer you services with monthly fees. Some of them charges additional fees like transaction cost. You should be aware of all cost according to your plan. Check to make sure that you are able to save more than your membership after you get enrolled to this plan.
  • Size of network: you should look for the medical institutions like hospitals, pharmacies and physician accepts DMPOs.
  • Preferred provider: If you have some preferred provider then make sure that they accept DMPO.
How can the discount be maximized?

Do not make an assumption that your DMPO card will be accepted, so to save more, try to maximize the discount by asking your dentist physician or different providers whether they will accept your plan or not, and compare the prices.

What are the other caveats you should know?

Immediate discount is a nice offering by DMPO to you but it needs at least a minimum paper work. It becomes suitable for DMPO, but this limits your ability to appeal for any problem. Do not visit to such body who is not involved with DMPO network otherwise you will have to pay the undiscounted price. So, you need to know whether the provider will accept your DMPO card or not.

You will have to pay the discounted cost from your pocket even if the provider accepts your card.

How does a DMPO help you?

Health providers are contract with DMPO so that they accept the condition of reduced fee in exchange for an increment in the number of patient from DMPO membership. Various DMPOs offer various types of discounts like covering health and medical services, some of them give discount on holistic cares and some of them limits coverage on prescription medication. You have to submit monthly fees in some case and some of them are without any charges. These plans give discount to prescription medication.


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