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What are the steps one need to take to search for a good doctor?

The members of Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Health Maintenance Organization will take recommendation from these above written organizations. And your friends and relatives can refer you for a good doctor. For a good and assured reference you can take help of If a doctor carries board certification, it becomes easier to you to search for good doctor. It proves that the physician is having proper training in the ground he is working for.

A good doctor will ask you for your medical history and some records if you are ongoing any treatment right now. A good doctor will always listen to your every word carefully without showing any kind of hesitations. The good doctor will always make you feel like a friend.

What will you have to do to know about the record of doctors?

You can get the information sitting at your home. Just press a key and log on to You will get to know about doctorís history and reputation. will keep you updated with doctorís profile by bringing change in it if it happens to be so. Beside, you can enter at the American Medical Association website. It updates about the record of maximum numbers of doctors in America.

Do you know about Board Certification?

Board Certification is carried by a doctor who has completed three years training and four years of medical school, doctors have to sit for an examination held by an organization recognized by American Board of Medical specialties (ABMS) and the board of American Medical association. The doctor has to receive an ongoing education in the field he chosen. He has to do so to keep his Board Certification. Board Certification is the most important area on has to look for to select the specialist.

What will make you sure about your referral to a specialist?

The kind of health insurance you choose shows your reference to a specialist. Sometime variation in policies enhances your ability to look for a specialist. Preferred provider organizations allow you to go to a specialist without the reference of a general practitioner. But Health Maintenance Organization acts in different way, it seek for a referral by general practitioner before it plans to pay for the specialist. The best offers are given by Indemnity Plans in exchange of a lot of paperwork because without being in network a person can see any doctor and do not need to have any primary care physician organization. One has to pay for his/her own bill till the annual deductible is met. You can look out for a specialist out of network in the Plan Of Services (POS). In this case, a claim has to be submitted by you, the percentage of reimbursement will differ from plan to plan.

What insurance does a doctor accept?

Various types of plans gives various type of offers like HMO directs you to go for the doctors who are contracted to provide services to keep your cost down. But the member of a Preferred Providers Service (PPO) gets flexibility in this case. PPO allows you to to go for out of service network at your discretion and does not need any reference from primary care physician. You will give out of pocket cost for your treatment then submit the bill of reimbursement to your insurance company. You have to pay a higher premium for this plan. This plan reimburse about 80% of your out of pocket expenses. And according to indemnity plan you have to do a lot of paper network as you are going to opt for out of network physician. You have to pay your own medical bill until the annual deductible is met.

What are the ways to know about the insurances a doctor accept?

To know about the history, records, address and each and everything about the doctor just log on to our website

How do I get informed about the reputation of a doctor?

Our website is always ready to show you all the record you want to know about the doctor.

How can I submit accuracy of a doctorís entry?

To submit for a doctorís accuracy, log on to our site

When should a patient move to a new doctor?

Whenever a doctor appointed by a patient seemed to be not attending to what he or she says and donít even giving importance to the words of a patient then it is the better time to leave the doctor without giving a second thought. And a doctor without the Board Certification should not be selected. To know more on this, log on to


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