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What is the difference between an urgent care centre and emergency room?

An urgent care centre is maintained with the equipments to recover non life threatening emergencies like broken legs and etcs. But an emergency room is full with the equipment for the patient under the threat of life risk. A hospital emergency room is open for 24 hours but an urgent care centre may not be opened for 24 hours. Price is the matter that is different in both places. Emergency room is comparatively more expensive and this factor depends upon the prices of specialists but urgent care centre is cheaper in this sense. Now the condition of patient selects the destination accordingly.

What is the meaning and importance of JCAHO certification?

JCAHO in full known as Joint Commission on Accreditation of health care organization. It is the most honorable certification which is gained by those hospitals that maintains national quality standard for safety and care rigorously. This certification is known as the gold seal of approval for the industry.

What types of medical procedure are excluded by insurance?

There are mainly two types of surgery, one is reconstructive like kidney transplantation or heart transplantation. Another is cosmetic surgery for reshaping of body parts. To know about the medical procedure excluded by the insurance company is to follow your policy or log on to the company’s website. If you find this inappropriate then directly call then and ask about your query.


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