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How Can QuickHealthInsurance Help You?

How Can Help You?

How can I be helped by “”?

“” is an online provider of information on insurance in collaboration with two giant industries of insurance management. It is made to help individuals and small businesses to search health insurance plans and the ways to manage it. It helps you in many ways like:

  • It helps you to buy insurance plans very easily. You can by it online. It helps you with a large list of health insurance providing companies. You can sort out the differences among the enlisted companies on their plans, prices and benefits. You are able to buy insurance according to your capacity.
  • You can get an option to go through a wide variety of health insurances like HMOs, PPOs, POS, Indemnity plans, short term health insurance plans and plans like international travel health insurance and many more.

We want you to know about the type of health insurances and the companies providing insurances in a very comparable way with the facility of quotes, live agent support, health insurance benefit comparison and much more.

Am I wasting time and money beyond “”?

No and never. You are saving your pocket from being finished. You are not needed to go to consultant or broker at high consultancy charges. Just log on to our site and keep on clicking the mouse and get all information at your finger tip.

In which way does “” save my privacy?

You are client in our site; we are responsible to help you by proving services to keep your privacy safe. Your contacts and information are not to be shared with any third party against your wish.

Can I get the help of “” in every state of US?

You can get “” everywhere in USA.

In which way “” is different from a broker?

We work in different ways. We are not slant to any specific companies. Brokers may sometime work for their self benefits and proposes the name of companies and services accordingly. We are here for you to meet you all queries without any corruption.

Is there any difference between the prices of insurance bought directly or through the brokers?

No, there are no differences in the prices between buying from a broker and buying directly. The prices are fixed legally, it cannot vary.

Can I fill up my health information form through “” online?

No, you cannot do so. You have to go to the broker to fill up the form.

How do I contact at “” to get any information?

Please dial this number: Toll Free 1-877-730-8101 [Not for Customer Support].

What is the reason to charge different amount at different zip code by a single buyer?

Actually zip codes are changed according to the states. Different states have different zip codes and health care plans vary from area to area. So a single person can charge different amount at different area.

What information I have to provide to “” to search a better health insurance for my family and myself?

You have to provide little information about you to our “”,

  1. For whom the plan is adopted. Write down their ages, weights, heights and etcs.
  2. Give the date in which you want to start coverage.
  3. What is the zip code of your state and where do you want the coverage
  4. What plan you want to adopt.
How will “” help me to select a better health insurance for my business purpose?

You have to provide a little information about your business,

  1. What plan to cover, number and age of your employees
  2. What is the zip code of the area where your business is established
  3. What is the date you want to start coverage
Can you purchase insurance health plans without calling a broker?

No, you cannot do so. Because a broker can only help you with broad explanation on your chosen plan.

When you come in a broker’s contact through “”, is there any obligation to buy a plan?

No, there is no obligation to you until you take decision about the selection and finally sign over a check.


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