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Medical Procedures

Medical Procedures

What is the meaning of the terms “+cc” and “-cc” frequently found in medical procedures?

Complications and co-existing conditions rises the cost of medical procedures. “+cc” is the term shows the performance of medical procedures with complications and co-existing conditions with diseases and disorders. And “-cc” shows the performance of medical procedure without complication and co-existing conditions.

What is the meaning of “procedure group” and “DRG”?

“Procedure group” is the term used by the hospital for a patient who leaves the hospital after inpatient stay. Hospitals do not make different bills for different patient for their inpatients; instead they make a “procedure group” in which the principal procedure is included during the hospitalization. There are about 500 procedure groups with name and number. Prices are set by the insurance companies and Medicare to pay the hospitals for procedure groups. And DRGs is the term used in short for “diagnosis related groups” by the member of health care sector. This term is not used for out patient care but it is used for the admission to the hospitals.

What is the meaning of procedure’s negotiated price?

It is the price set by the insurance companies for medical procedures after negotiating down the “list price”. List price is the actual price charged by the hospitals for the patients without having insurance.

What are the costs come under procedure price?

Procedure price is the cost charged for the procedure undergone by a given hospital.


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