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Purchasing an Individual or Family Plan

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Purchasing an Individual or Family Plan

Purchasing an Individual or Family Plan

How many days do the insurance companies take to start the coverage after purchasing any plan?

It depends upon the type of plans but generally the period is about 90 days of the first payment made to the insurance company.

After buying an insurance plan, what is the medium to payment?

The payments are generally made through checks and the credit card number with an application. If the application is accepted, the payment will be made on monthly basis through checks, credit cards or bank drafts. And if the application is rejected, the checks or credit cards will be sent back to you.

How does short term health insurance plans work?

It is not necessary for people to have insurance plans done all the time. But if an unexpected illness or accident comes to the way, the helper will be the short term insurance plans. This plan covers an insured person for one to six months. Short term plans are more expensive than others. Generally short term plans cover a patient within 24 hours of application.


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