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Trouble Obtaining Insurance

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Trouble Obtaining Insurance

Trouble Obtaining Insurance

Who are underwriters and how do they work?

Under writers are the employees in insurance companies who judge the medical condition of an insurance buyer and determine the rate of payments accordingly. Under writers generally screen out the insurer buyer who seemed possibly under risk. Sometime people with chronic diseases are found ineligible and an under writer can reject the individual leading a hazardous life such as smokers, drinkers and etcs.

Why some insurance buyers are rejected by the underwriters?

Buyers pay monthly premiums in general. Sometime few people are seen to pay a large amount of money for the premium; they may be sufferers of some chronicle disease. In this case, an underwriter rejects the sufferer as an insurance holder.

If you are excluded by the insurer, is it become necessary for your family to be excluded by the insurer?

It is not very necessary for you to select a single plan for your whole family. You may select different plans for different members. If you have chosen some plan for your family members but few members do not qualify the conditions given under the plan, the ineligible person can be rejected by the insurer whereas the eligible one can be selected under the plan.

Are there other plans favorable to medical treatment without insurance?

Yes there are many other plans supporting the medical treatment other than insurance plan. They are government or charity programs, catastrophic health insurance, discount medical plans, prescription assistance plans. These plans help you to reduce the out of pocket costs for medical bills and prescriptions.

What are the ways to get a prescription of low cost?

a. To get a cheap prescription, you can take help from the doctor you are approaching and say to prescribe a medicine of low cost.

b. Pharmaceutical companies can manufacture generic version of drugs after seventeen years of manufacturing drugs. Sometime it happens that generic version of drugs is not available in market, in this case older versions are used which may not have equal effect but works better.

c. PAPs stand for Prescription Assistance Program and Patient Assistance Program. PAPs are generally used by pharmaceutical companies to distribute drugs among lower income groups at lower costs or without costs. These programs are done organized by voluntary charities.

d. You can obtain drugs on lower rates within an approved network by approaching discount medical plan organizations (DMPOs).

e. You can search online to get medicines from countries located outside which may cost lower rate. These drugs, the FDA cautions, they may not get the quality assurance and scrutiny as found in the United States

How does uninsured person go to a doctor?

An uninsured person can try to negotiate the medical rates with the doctors. Sometime doctors get ready to provide them services in lower rates because the amount will be given directly in cash.

To approach an emergency room or hospital might be an expensive one. But if the problem is not so risky like an immediate life threatening, it will be better for you to approach other place to keep the treatment cheaper. But if you are undergoing an immediate life threatening problem, most of the hospitals are legally bound to provide you treatment. After the recovery, you can apply for retroactive charity case designation. It is not so necessary for a hospital to accept the application but at least you can remain alive.

What do you understand by the term PAPs?

PAPs stand for Prescription Assistance Program and Patient Assistance Program. PAPs are generally used by pharmaceutical companies to distribute drugs among lower income groups at lower costs or without costs. These programs are done organized by voluntary charities.

If you want to apply for PAPs, you have to submit an application in details with a proof of present income and a copy of prescription provided by a doctor. After the manufacturer received the application, they will give you or your physician, the medication. What you have to do every year is to renew the application.

How can I go for an affordable lab test?

Doctors generally prescribe for various lab tests to assess the reason of illness. These tests engulf a huge amount of dollars. To get a good diagnosis, you should approach to such a lab which has got an accreditation and CLIA certification. You are free to shop nearby your residence and can get a discount provider lab or diagnostic centre at Direct Lab or My Med lab.

At these sites, you can enroll yourself, place your order and make payment by credit cards before you approach a laboratory yourself. The results will be sent by mails. Very importantly, a prescription is not needed and the results are also not disclosed to your physician or insurance company unless you want to do so.

How to get low priced surgeries?

To avoid an unnecessary surgery you can take advice from a second doctor and if is opinion matches to the opinion of the first one, you can go for a third doctor for third opinion which may be result in a medicinal recovery of the disease. These may cost high but lower than an unnecessary surgery.

Secondly, ask a hospital for the chances and way to get a designation of charity care. And if you have already got treatment in the hospital but cannot afford the bill, you still can ask for the probability of getting charity care designation.

Thirdly, you can go outside the country to get same treatment in a reasonable rate like Costa Rica, Thailand and many other countries with trained nurses in lower cost comparable to United States.

Fourthly, there are some companies in United States that arrange vacations including medical treatment at pre-certified hospitals. Always check the qualification of the physician who will provide you treatment before leaving the country.

How can a treatment be gained without insurance?

COBRA is the federal law that keeps you enrolled with your insurance plans even after you leave the job that offers insurance. COBRA helps you to purchase your old insurance plans for 18 months, even if you have to pay the monthly premium which may be higher than previous one. Sometime employers subsidize the cost after health insurance. COBRA, in some states provides extension programs in which the time limit is extended. This COBRA benefits can be adopted by disabled for extension.

Government programs give you the opportunity to purchase insurance or free coverage. These programs are generally arranged for lower income group. Some states offer prenatal care to the expecting mothers. Few popular programs are, Medicare for elder people and Medicaid for lower income group and the State’s Children Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) for children of lower income group.

High Risk Insurance Pools (HIPs) are offered by thirty three countries to the high risk patient who cannot afford for the high rated insurances.

Catastrophic coverage provides financial assistance to protect person major heavy medical emergencies but still you have to pay for your routine care. These are for short term coverage with high deductibles. If your position is in between job and insurance, this catastrophic coverage will be the better option to you. You can buy it from insurer.

Discount Medical Plan Organizations organize its member to negotiate prices from providers and pharmacies. These plans take monthly fees per member while few plans are free. After enrollment in this organization you will achieve a membership card with a member ID which will help you to get an immediate discount upon the medical treatment. DMPOs are not insurance. You have to pay all the cost yourself at a discounted rate.

DMPOs are currently run by 18 countries.

Non profit organizations like churches and Planned Parenthood sometime offer treatment at lower rates.


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