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Application for International Health Insurance

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Application for International Health Insurance

Application for International Health Insurance

Once you have selected the best international health insurance policy for yourself, there is a certain application process you have to follow. This process has to be gone through before your policy is issued. Usually, once you have applied for such a policy, you will have to make a premium payment together with it. In case your application is rejected, your premium is returned to you. This section provides you with details of the application process you will go through, common questions that may be asked and exclusionary riders you may face.

When you are applying for international health insurance, the first choice you have to make is that of a deductible and plan level you are comfortable with. The deductible charged usually ranges between $250 and $5000. It may be higher too. You will also be required to choose the benefits under international health insurance you would want and understand the additional payments you have to make for it. You will be asked to choose the date of coverage from which you want it to become effective. This has to be within 30 days of your signature on the application and completion of formalities. If the requested effective date falls beyond 30 days of signature, the application is considered out of date. This is because the person might have developed a health condition during the time.

As part of application process for the international health insurance, be prepared to be asked certain common questions. This may relate to your age, height, date of birth, weight, occupation, gender and foreign address. These questions are part of the information you have to provide to the company and helps in evaluating your health status. It determines your insurability and your risks. You may face the questions mentioned below:

  • Are you a smoker?
  • Have you recently experienced weight changes?
  • Do you have alcohol or drug dependency?
  • Are you currently pregnant or planning to adopt?
  • Do you take prescription medication?
  • Did you ever have disorders related to the liver, kidney, spine, ears, eyes or heart?
  • Have you ever received treatment for heart disease, AIDS, cancer, high blood pressure or stroke?
  • Have you ever needed hospitalization?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you will need to furnish additional details which will determine your eligibility for receiving covers. When you provide additional information, the insurance company will evaluate it and decide whether you will receive covers or not. In certain cases, an exclusionary rider may be placed instead of declining the application. This is most commonly placed in case of a pre existing condition or illness and is not commonly covered under exclusions in international health insurance. Basically, if you accept this rider, it will give the insurance company the right to deny claims due to any exclusionary clause outlined in the rider.

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