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Coverage under International Health Insurance

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Coverage under International Health Insurance

Coverage under International Health Insurance

An international health insurance policy provides you cover against costs that might accrue due to a medical situation or any other emergency that may arise when you are abroad. This is one of the best ways in which you can be insured against massive debts that arise when you have to avail of emergency care or other losses when you are abroad.

An international health insurance is not only about emergency care, however. It may also provide you cover for planned health trips you are undertaking abroad. This also applies if you are undertaking an expat assignment together with your family. Covers are also provided for regular car you may need for yourself or your children, for instance, regular checkups from your GP etc. If you do not have the right international health insurance in place, these costs may spiral. An international health insurance ensures that you have access to the best medical facilities when you are abroad, without having to worry about the costs.

Level of Overage under International Health Insurance

The level of protection you get for a plan and the area of coverage are the primary things that differentiate a plan from the others. What does this translate into? Well, basically the fact that you have to chose between basic (standard), comprehensive or fully comprehensive covers. The fully comprehensive covers provide you cover all over the world. You also have an option to include covers for US and Canada. If you opt out of covers for the US, your premiums will be considerable reduced.

You might want to opt for plans that provide you medical evacuation to your home country when you are seriously ill or have had an accident. For this reason, you may also want to ensure that your policy can be extended for cover in US. Else, you might have to pay for a separate policy that provides you cover in the US.

Standard coverage under international health insurance includes basic treatment for emergencies and in patient care. A standard middle cover will also ensure outpatient care. A comprehensive scheme also provides for dental and wellness benefits. They may also include benefits that are over and above the standard benefits of other plans.

Take a look at the following points you might need to consider before you go for the plan:

  • Consider the need for a maternity cover with your plans. If you feel that you may need it, it is better to go for a plan that has an upper claim limit and provides maternity covers as well.
  • Also consider your health condition and pre existing conditions, if any. Would you need emergency evacuation or home transportation? You will then need a plan that provides you cover for both.
  • Make sure that reliable hospitals and doctors are covered by the plan you are opting for.
  • Always check the level of expertise and service that is being offered by the plan or the carrier.

It is always better to find out about the various plans on offer and the coverage they are providing before you go for a plan.


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