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Exclusions under International Health Insurance

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Exclusions under International Health Insurance

Exclusions under International Health Insurance

Most health insurance plans come with exclusions that the company will not cover. International health insurance is not different in this context. When you compare the exclusions under different international health insurance plans, you will find that they are basically all the same. So why do carriers impose exclusions on health covers?

The answer is quite simple. The premiums that you pay are based on averages-this means that the calculations are based on the health care need of an average person. This is to ensure that you are not receiving covers for a medical condition you donít have or a medical service that you donít really need. The exclusions list is maintained in order to ensure that you pay the lowest premiums possible for the covers you are receiving. If you are just buying a plan to ensure the basic covers when you are away, you need not worry about the list of exclusions. Just make sure that you know about them in detail.

Exclusion in an international health insurance refers to certain medical conditions or treatments that the insurance company will not reimburse you for. The most common exclusions you might see in your policy are as follows:

  • Those medical expenses that are specifically included in the insurance document handed to you.
  • Treatments needed for substance abuse
  • Medical procedures that are considered experimental in nature.
  • Services that are already being covered by another insurance company or the government.
  • Procedures and processes that are undertaken for weight loss purposes
  • Cosmetic surgeries are not covered, unless they are reconstructive, based on an accident that the applicant has had
  • Treatment for infertility
  • Contraceptives
  • Self inflicted injuries
  • Unnecessary medical treatments
  • Injuries that have been sustained due to a war or a terrorist attack
  • Charges that are more than those needed for customary, necessary and reasonable treatment.

Apart from common exclusions, your benefits may also have maximum limits imposed on them. These may be less than the maximum benefit level imposed by your international health insurance. Make sure that these exclusions are clearly explained in your plan. There may also be limitations imposed on the following covered benefits in your plans:

  • Treatments received for mental disorders
  • Coverage for maternity
  • Healthcare for newborns
  • Physical therapy
  • Repatriation of remains
  • Medical evacuation needed during medical emergencies
  • Dental benefits

There may be maximum limitations imposed on the annual benefits you are receiving. Else, your benefits may also have a limitation imposed on the total amount of benefits received during the lifetime of the policy.

The exclusions in an insurance plan need to be looked into with a lot of detail. It is no use going for a plan and then finding out that your treatment for something is not covered when you need it. To prevent this nasty shock, it is very important for you to go through your plan document in detail, study exclusions and find out which may affect you. Only then should you go forward with a plan.


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