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International Health Insurance

International Health Insurance

If you are frequent traveler who undertakes international travel on a regular basis, an international health insurance plan that provides you with covers abroad might be the best option for you. Many companies offer this kind of coverage. However, the plans may differ according to their covers and premiums, so it is better if you gather all the information you can on it.

There are a number of carriers who offer international health insurance. However, most will probably insist on you securing services from medical professional who are within their network. Therefore, it is a good idea to find out beforehand about the hospitals and services that are covered by the carrier at the place you are visiting. This is extremely important because you may not receive covers if you avail of services outside the network.

It is also a good idea to find out about the covers that will be provided to you and also about the exclusions under the various plans. Apart from the cost you have to pay, these should be the most important factors that decide which plan you are going to opt for.

There are a number of questions you should ask yourself before opting for an international health insurance plan. Here are a few to consider:

  • Are you travelling or relocating? If you are travelling to a country and will be there for a short period of time, all you need is an international medical insurance plan. If you are relocating, look for an international health insurance plan.
  • Where are you travelling to? The high cost of health care in US and Canada necessitate higher premiums and other costs. So, your international health insurance policy will cost more if you are looking for covers in these places.
  • What medical care are you likely to need? If you have a pre existing condition, you are likely to pay more for covers. Make sure you know about your policy’s pre existing clauses before opting for the plan.

Apart from these conditions, there are a number of health risks that are linked to travel abroad or living there. These may even be linked to lack of basic standards in health and even your risks of getting infected with diseases like the avian flu.

You will also need to consider the possibilities of accidents in the country you are travelling to and the costs involved in carrying out an evacuation. You will also need to consider whether the plan offers you services 24 hours a day. This is very important when you are travelling to a foreign country, where you may face differences in time.

These are the different aspects you need to consider before going for an international health insurance plan.

An international health insurance plan will be your best security against a number of financial challenges you may face when you in a foreign country. Choose one with care.


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