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Types of International Health Insurance Policies

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Types of International Health Insurance Policies

Types of International Health Insurance Policies

There are a number of considerations you will need to make when you are opting for an international health insurance. Apart from deciding on the deductibles, premiums and a range of benefits, you may have to choose between short term and long term plans. This page will guide you on both aspects of choosing an International Health Insurance plan.

There are basically two kinds of policies. There are the long term and short term policies.

  • Short term policies are meant for those who are travelling outside the country for a period less than a year. These are usually called international travel medical insurance. They are mainly relevant for travelers, executives and missionaries.

    Short term plans offer covers for a variety of age groups and are most suitable for travelers below the age of 7-0. Spouse and children can also get coverage under these plans.

    Short term plans offer covers for doctor visits, surgeries, hospitalization and emergency repatriation. However, you will not receive covers for pre existing conditions.

  • Long term International Health Insurance plans are meant for individuals who are planning to be outside the country for more than a year. You can choose from a number of policies, depending on the covers you are seeking and the deductibles, coinsurance and premiums you are willing to pay. Depending on your length of stay outside, a long term International Health Insurance is usually renewed every year.

    The long term plans usually offer covers across all countries. It usually covers treatment in the home country also. This is unlike short term plans that restrict coverage in the home country to emergencies only.

  • When you are going for covers, you can chose between fixed and comprehensive benefits. Depending on the type of cover you are looking for, you may receive covers for anything between hospitalization, surgeries and maternity benefits also.

    If you are applying for International Health Insurance, you may need to fill in a questionnaire and your application will have to go through a particular process before you get covers. So, plan ahead and apply for insurance as soon as you can.

    All plans will cover you for emergency and medical treatments. However, you should have a very clear idea about what your covers are for pre existing conditions. Also find out whether the policy requires you to visit medical professionals within the list of the company.

  • Your plans will also vary according to the deductible and premiums you pay. The general rule is that the higher your part of the costs, the lower the premiums you pay. So, before going for that low premium, consider the payments you have to make before you receive covers. The best way to go about it is to have a budget for the plan you are going to buy. Also have an idea about the costs you will have to pay if you need treatment.

Of course, if you are satisfied with the cover being offered by the carrier, the deductible and premiums should not be the overriding factors for you.


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