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A Brief Study regarding the different issues about Chronic Illness

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A Brief Study regarding the different issues about Chronic Illness

A Brief Study regarding the different issues about Chronic Illness

The Different types of Chronic Illness that are common in the US

As per the special report published by the Milken Institute, seven types of chronic illness are common in the United States. These include Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke, Hypertension, Mental Illness and Pulmonary abnormalities. Many also consider obesity as a major chronic illness. However, compared to the above mentioned ones, obesity can be prevented easily. Studies conclude that about 80% senior citizens of the country are affected with these different types of chronic illness. It either takes away lives of many or leaves the others completely paralyzed.

The sum of money consumed by Chronic Illness

Every year, the entire United States loses an amount of 1.3 trillion dollars for Chronic Illness. Out of this, 0.2 trillion dollars goes for the healthcare charges while the rest $1.1 trillion accounts for the low output in the place of work. This is as per the report of the Milken Institute. The report has also stated that if this consumption of money goes on like this then by the middle of the century the amount will soon soar to $6 trillion.

Of the different illness, obesity has been found to affect the economy of the nation at the extreme level. Once the rate of obesity lowers down there will be an augmented yield of $254 billion. This is an exact calculation that has been specified by the Milken Institute report.

Controlling Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness can however be controlled before human life falls prey to it. But it is essential to remember that there is hardly any guaranteed treatment for the illness. Many types of chronic illness occur due to heredity processes. But in spite of that some measures can be adopted to control the illness and protect human life.

Personal Health Care

Although, most of the chronic illness occurs as a result of inheritance but it is through personal health care one can nullify the effect of this illness. A healthy diet and regular exercises helps in reducing the probabilities of chronic illness.

Applying for a better insurance policy

Applying for a standard and good health insurance policy always pays up in times of need. Cancer patients, in whom the growth of cancerous tissues has been detected at an early stage, can go for the perfect treatment, regular health checks, prostrate tests etc. at the expense provided by their health insurance. However the insurance policy should cover such illness and diseases. So it is advisable to choose the right policy.

Chronic illness is found to have a disastrous effect on the economy of the US. But when seen from a rational point, its effects are even more disastrous on the human life. The health standard of a human being always counts first as it concerns the health of the entire nationís population.

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