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AARP Finds Rise in Uninsured Employed Adults

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AARP Finds Rise in Uninsured Employed Adults

AARP Finds Rise in Uninsured Employed Adults

AARP has conducted much research and studies over health insurance expansion, over the past few years and has produced some striking reports on the basis of its studies. It has found that there is a stupendous increment in the number of adults who possess a job, but do not have any insurance coverage. It has also done many studies and surveys for finding out the basic reasons that have causes this increment. This article enumerates the causes responsible behind the increment of uninsured employed adults along with the reports of the AARP studies.

AARP has conducted many surveys and studies in the past few years on the extent of health insurance coverage among people, and have recently come up with a conclusion that most employed adults and people of older ages are devoid of any health insurance coverage. To add to the pain, this rate of uninsured adults is increasing gradually.

The results of AARP shows that adult citizens, who are between the age group of 50 and 64 years are considered as much young to become eligible for the government-run Medicare coverage. In the year 2006, around 7.1 million citizens of the same age group were uninsured. This amounts to a 36% rise from the preceding year.

In Florida, nearly 18% of this age group was without any health insurance coverage in the year 2007. The officials are worried about the fact that this number of uninsured adults (employed) are increasing since the time the study was carried on. The probable reason behind this is presumed to be the poor economic condition of different small business enterprises of the country, who cannot afford to offer health insurance to their employees. Even those uninsured adults, who have their own business setup or are self-employed in other trade, are not in a sound financial status to afford a health insurance.

The AARP studies show that the uninsured adults who are working in a small company or are self-employed were rejected from coverage, when they went to ask for individual health insurance plans. Although some individual health plans were there for this group of people, but still they were denied to them as their preexisting health history became an obstacle for them. Those plans that were still available were inaccessible to this group because of their high rate of premiums. All this compelled them to stay uninsured.

As per the AARP research, about 73% people who are employed are devoid of any health insurance coverage. This comes to around 445,846 uninsured adults. Again, the findings of the reports state that the rest 27% are those uninsured adults, who are unemployed. This comes to around 166,933 people.

The AARP director, members, along with all the researchers is very much concerned over the fate awaiting this category of people. They may have to pass through lack of health care services and worsening health status, in case they are affected by any type of health disorders or epidemics.


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