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AHIP Statement On Healthcare Overhaul Process

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AHIP Statement On Healthcare Overhaul Process

AHIP Statement On Healthcare Overhaul Process

Karen Ignani, the CEO and President of America's Health Insurance Plans, made the below-mentioned statement on the present status of America's healthcare overhaul process:

She said that now is the time for the bipartisan healthcare reform that can make healthcare much affordable, improve standard and cover up every American. Their community has recommended a guaranteed coverage for the pre-existing health conditions, ceasing rating on the basis of an individual's health condition or gender along with requirement for a personal coverage to have everybody into the system. They have recommended extensive administrative overhaul to cut paperwork, lessen medical mistakes, and make sure hospitals and doctors can focus on patient's care.

According to Karen, a government-operated plan is a barricade to healthcare reform. Stakeholders and policymakers must focus on unparalleled accord that subsists to bring everybody into system, ensuring coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, offering a helping hand towards working family units, intensification of the healthcare safety network as well as bending healthcare expense curve.

She added that the health plans will carry on developing complete bipartisan overhaul that protects company-based coverage and makes sure those individuals, who like their existing coverage, can continue it.


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