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All about State Children’s Health Insurance Program

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All about State Childrens Health Insurance Program

All about State Children’s Health Insurance Program

State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) - What is it actually?

Years ago there were hardly any insurance plans and policies for providing health insurance cover to children. As a result in the year 1997, the SCHIP was started up so that the state’s children can also get health insurance policies and benefits. However it was set up for a specific class of people: those who are eligible for getting a Medicaid but still cannot meet the expenses of a personal health insurance cover.

The State and Federal Government collaboratively run and funds the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). The general course of action is designed by the federal government. On the other hand the plans, eligibility conditions, benefit options, charges and rates are set up by each state government. It is on the sole discretion of the State to announce the SCHIP as an autonomous program or as a further enhancement of the Medicaid plans or may even decide to select the two altogether.

Qualifying for SCHIP

SCHIP empowers every state to furnish the eligibility conditions to qualify for the program. The eligibility rules are supple for states who announce their SCHIP program as autonomous. But if a state launches SCHIP along with the Medicaid, then the eligibility requirements will have to be in accordance with that of the Medicaid eligibility criteria. In order to qualify for such an SCHIP, a child’s age needs to be equal to 18 years old or lesser than that and his/her family must have earnings that exceed the Medicaid norms, but not greater than 200% of the Federal Poverty rank.

Supporters and Antagonists of SCHIP

Organizations that advocate the SCHIP plans are as follows:

  • The National Academy for State Health Policy
  • PhRMA-A section of pharmaceutical research corporations
  • Proponents of the healthcare development parties of the State

The one who seemed to be against the SCHIP was perhaps former President Bush who supported personal healthcare plans instead of financing SCHIP and Medicaid.

Good acts of SCHIP

SCHIP is in fact a blessing for those family’s children whose earning range was poorer. Its positive aspects can be illustrated as follows:

  • It is being reported that SCHIP provided health insurance cover to over 30 million children who are from families having poor income.
  • Those children who were not able to get insurance policies earlier are now under insurance cover through the amalgamation of SCHIP with Medicaid.
  • It is worthwhile to mention that with the coming of SCHIP, children can now demand proper medical treatment at present and also in the future.

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