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Americans Must Change Their Food Habits

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Americans Must Change Their Food Habits

Americans Must Change Their Food Habits

Healthcare overhaul in America is not achievable unless we can manage the nation's obesity endemic as warned by Michael Pollan, the famous food activist.

Americans must change their food habits.

He recently commented that even the best healthcare structure, which the government may expect to work out, is not enough for the increasing rate of chronic diet-related conditions. And that is the reason behind the success of lowering healthcare expenses eventually depends on whether the federal government is able to convene political determination to take on and overhaul another more influential industry: food industry. Americans must change their food habits.

He noticed that the government needs to spend 147 billions USD per year to treat problems related to obesity or over-weight. And, it needs 116 billions USD per year for the treatment of diabetes. Similarly, hundreds of billions of dollars are spent for treating cardiac diseases as well as different types of cancer that are linked to supposed western diet. As per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 75% of government's spending for healthcare goes after treating precautionary chronic conditions included of diseases related to food habit. A latest research revealed that obesity or over-weight is the key reason for about 30% hike in healthcare expenses in previous two decades. Americans must change their food habits.

However, up to now food system overhaul has not been mentioned in the government's discussion on healthcare overhaul. To put the issue innocently, the federal government is placing itself in the tight condition of funding the expenses for the treatment Type 2 diabetes as well as consumption of corn syrup.

Pollan said extensive food overhaul is an important part of the healthcare overhaul; whether it is farm policy, food marketing or school lunch. Americans must change their food habits. A current research by Columbia University and M.I.T. found that the greatest methods to cut rates of children's obesity may be to develop a difference and tropical diet habit.

According to him, approving a healthcare overhaul bill is just the beginning of solving the healthcare problems. If people want to keep themselves from economic failure, Americans have to work for developing their health; Americans must change their food habits.

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