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Appeal against Medicare Cuts

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Appeal against Medicare Cuts

Appeal against Medicare Cuts

Many residents and care providers had convened at Riverstreet Manor Nursing Home, to sign an official petition. his would be sent to all the members of the congressional delegation of the state of Pennsylvania, appealing them not to include reductions in Medicare subsidy in any of the health care overhaul legislations.

The Coalition to Protect Senior Care, the organization supporting the rights of senior citizens to avail health care, is trying its best to sustain the appeal against Medicare cuts. The delegates of this association are traveling in almost every nursing homes present throughout the nation, requesting them to advise the Congress members for not supporting the health reform bill, till it embraces Medicare subsidy reductions for the senior patients in the nursing homes, to above 32 billion dollars for the following ten years.

Presently in Pennsylvania, the legislators are planning to include Medicare subsidy cuts totaling up to 2.1 billion dollars. The state's 11th Congressional District itself will face a loss of Medicare funding that is worth 142 million dollars for the next 10 years. That is why the appeal against Medicare cuts was signed to stop this.

The authorities and staffs of every nursing homes of the state are also concerned about the issue. As per them, the reductions in Medicare subsidies will lead to the following things:

  • Dearth of nurses
  • Absence of nursing home workers
  • The patients will be affected the most due to the absence of caregivers

The Coalition to Protect Senior Care said that they are not against health care overhaul, but their war is against the unfair reform measures suggested by it. As per the group, the government is trying to fund their health reform movement by cutting down the subsidy for the Part A section of the Medicare program that offers long-term and short-term preventive care and skilled nursing home services to the senior members. Around 140 staffs and 121 residents of Riverstreet Manor Nursing Home signed the formal appeal against Medicare cuts.

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