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Around 400 Ohioans loose health insurance coverage daily

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Around 400 Ohioans loose health insurance coverage daily

Around 400 Ohioans loose health insurance coverage daily

Studies carried out recently prove that about 400 residents of Ohio loose health insurance coverage on a daily basis. The matter is of serious concern to the entire nation also, as the rate of unemployment has increased staggeringly and the people really find it hard to afford a health insurance in these times. This article reports about this study along with the shocking facts of other researches. It also presents the remarks of various health care experts in this regard along with some suggestive actions that need to be undertaken by the government.

As per a research that was conducted in the recent month, it was found out that around 400 residents of Ohio loose health care coverage each day, in the months of December 2008 and January 2009.

As per the report of a freethinking Washington-based research association called Center for American Progress Action Fund, it was proved that with the increase in joblessness to a rate of about 8.1%, the number of people loosing health insurance coverage is also on the rise.

One of the research members of the Fund; Ben Furnas, has remarked that the association is continuing its work of cultivating the fact in the minds of the people, that employment and health care coverage are very much interrelated to each other. As soon as a person becomes unemployed, either he/she have to loose the employer based health insurance coverage or have to discontinue paying the insurance premiums in between; because they are not able to afford the insurance coverage any longer.

Every day, about 14,000 people loose their health insurance in the entire United States; 390 people have become uninsured in Ohio alone, in between December 2008 and January 2009.

The Executive Director of the Universal Health Care Action Network of Ohio; Cathy Levine has remarked that all the reports, that were produced through the research and surveys are sufficient enough to make the people and the government think that without reforming the health care system of the country, the economic condition of the nation cannot be improved.

The people who become unemployed can still continue to maintain their health insurance policies through COBRA regulations, which is a federal based rule that allows jobless people to stick to the insurance policies offered by their ex-employers, only if they continue paying money for the premiums. However, many out of job people are not able to afford the COBRA coverage because of its expensive premiums.

Health care professionals remark that, jobless people show a tendency to postpone care repeatedly and then proceed to avail expensive medical treatment only, when their health status reaches a critical condition.

The Executive Director of Access HealthColumbus; Jeffrey Biehi remarks that health is not always the only concern when people become out of job and loose their health insurance. Accommodation, cost of living and food procurement are the other things that gain high priority at that time. Unemployed people and their families generally think of these priorities at the very beginning, than worrying about purchasing health insurance coverage.

The Subordinate Director of the School of Public Health at Ohio State University; Robert J. Caswell has urged that the policy makers should undertake some definite actions immediately, after knowing the particular number of citizens become uninsured daily.

Caswell has also claimed that if the people residing in the different states of USA, continues to loose their health care coverage like this, then soon this number will exceed more and shortly the number of uninsured will increase in a stupendous manner, probably in the entire nation.

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