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Bill Passed to Expand Coverage for Young Adults

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Bill Passed to Expand Coverage for Young Adults

Bill Passed to Expand Coverage for Young Adults

The Pennsylvania House members voted for passing a new legislation, which entails expansion of family health insurance coverage for young adults less than 30 years of age. The bill was passed as it was found that generally the people of this age group form the uninsured population of the state. Passing the bill will eradicate this problem. This article enumerates the various issues related with formulation of this legislation.

The Pennsylvania House put their votes recently this May 2009, in favor of passing a bill, which would enable the parents to expand the coverage of their family medical insurance plan for their children, who are below 30 years of age.

Governor Rendell will be attesting the bill, that won by 192-2 via the aid of the York County Commission, but with differing levels of interest.

Few Republican leaders also cast their votes in favor of the bill, as they think that these adults who are between the age of 19 and 29 years, comprises a majority of the people who lacks health insurance and are residing in the state. Many of them have passed out from schools and don't have that purchasing power to pay for an individual health plan. Unable to afford insurance they opt for staying uninsured.

Even those young adults who have graduated from different colleges don't feel the requirement to buy health insurance because they think that they will soon get any job and will automatically obtain insurance from their employers. However, they forget that getting employment in companies and availing employer-based health insurance has become really challenging during this recession period.

Apart from this, there are few youngsters who think that they won't fall ill or sick so soon and so they choose to go without insurance. They forget that they may fall prey to unexpected accidents and diseases that require expensive treatments.

The insurance companies seem to support this bill as they would have young customers who will be newly added, via the expansion of family insurance coverage.

Other Republican leaders who opposed this new legislation initially, however voted in favor of it later, as this bill will not incur any expenses for the employers of different companies and also the state.

Unfortunately, those people who are devoid of any health insurance loose access to quality health care services, as they would not be able to pay for the expenses incurred. Even they may not receive urgent medical attention when their health condition is in a critical state.

The new bill will also cater to those college graduates who are no longer covered by their parent's health insurance policies.

The problem is that the state law doesn't points out the age, upon attaining which a young adult will withdraw their parent's insurance plan and have to purchase an individual health plan. A majority of the private health insurance companies stops offering coverage to their customer's children, as soon as they attain 18 years of age.

With the implementation of the new bill, the health plans of the parents will have to offer coverage to young adults who are between the age group of 19 and 29 years. The underage adults will not require purchasing a separate health plan during this time.

The new legislation entails that the expense that will be incurred for offering further coverage to the young adults will have to be paid by the parents only. Neither the state government nor the employers of the parents will be paying the increased premium.

The bill also entails that the young adults need to be a Pennsylvania citizen, should remain independent, should pursue their higher studies in the state and must not marry during this time.

Health care experts including the House members expect that with the implementation of the legislation, a vast portion of the population of the state will no longer remain uninsured.


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