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Bills stresses for expansion of health care coverage

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Bills stresses for expansion of health care coverage

Bills stresses for expansion of health care coverage

Recently, a bill has been proposed that stresses for expansion of health care coverage. The core objective is to help the unemployed, to get hold of any sort of health insurance. But many people have opposed against this bill by stating various reasons. This article reports the fact.

The legislators passed a Bill on February 23, 2009, which is meant to broaden the task of the Health Care Authority in offering health insurance coverage also for public school tutors, similar to that of the state workers.

The Senate Health Care Committee proposed another bill that would lead state department to offer Basic Health Plan for the people, who have been turned out of jobs.

All these plans have been recommended earlier, but the government didn't pay any heed to them. Karen Keiser, the chairperson of the Senate Health Care Committee remarked that the poor financial condition of the country has helped them in taking such proposals.

Around 104,000 staffs work in about 295 school districts of the state. As per a governmental report, a majority of these school districts provide health care coverage through programs financed by Washington Education Association. As per the Senate Bill 5491, health insurance plans must be bought by the school districts via Public Employees Benefits Board. This association is also responsible for choosing the state employee plans. Kaiser has vowed to look after the entire process of providing health care plans to the staffs and also urged to control the management effectively.

Kaiser with other advocates expects to make some savings by shifting the teachers along with the other school staffs, under the board that is backed by Health Care Authority. Such an amalgamation will help in simplifying the administration. Plus, it will aid in providing better health care coverage to people, as the school health care programs are directed for individuals.

However, the education council including the various school unions was found to vote against the proposals. Even if many of the retired school employees have shifted to under public staff coverage in the year 1993, a proposal to shift working employees was called off 2 year ago.

Senate Rosa Franklin of D-Tacoma has also opposed the proposal as she doubts that whether the amalgamation will really help in making savings or not. Thereby she chose to vote against passing the bill beyond the committee.

On the other hand, Keiser gradually pressurized to curtail on administrative expenses in terms of health care and seeks to transfer as many number of people she can, under the health care plans that are approved by the state.

For an instance, Her Senate Bill 6038 will permit those individuals who have become jobless to buy Basic Health Plan, with no assistance from any taxpayers. Above 100,000 people of earnings, either less than or double the poverty level, are now under the coverage of this plan. Depending upon the earnings of each individual, the monthly rate is fixed.

Allowing the people, who have become unemployed to purchase health insurance plans, will help them to avail coverage in any case. Kaiser remarked that she mainly forwarded the bill in order to counter the rising issue of redundancy. Her main idea was to help the people get some kind of health care coverage even if they turn unemployed.

Dennis Martin from Health Care Authority has remarked that the state confronted various obstacles, in selling the health care plan under full cost.

The agency presented subsidized health insurance plans in between the year 1993 till 2002 along with a highest registration of 25,400 for the plans in the year 1997. Martin claimed that people then only purchased the health care plans when they were in requirement of serious care. In due course, there were hardly any companies who showed any concern to deal in such plans. As a result, no health care plans were left for the people to meet their serious care requirements. Even if there were some plans, they were very expensive for one's pocket.

Kaiser is of the opinion that if the registration for unsubsidized plans is prevented for those who receive unemployment checks; then it would help in cutting costs.

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