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Choosing a Health Insurance Policy

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Choosing a Health Insurance Policy

Choosing a Health Insurance Policy

We need medical care in the life of every one of us, but the type of healthcare is person specific. So, each of us has the autonomy to choose the health insurance as per as our choice. Many people select and purchase individually their own health insurance policy which they think will suit their needs. This allows them to customize their plans as per their requirements. But because of the presence of lots of health insurance companies, that provides different plans and policies, one need to do a thorough study and evaluation while choosing their health insurance plan.

Those who are employed have the opportunity to obtain health insurance from their employers, professional or worker unions and other organizations. There are some benefits that can be obtained through the group healthcare plans. The most important benefit is the price which one has to pay for buying the insurance. In case of groups healthcare polices, the price is always cheaper than those purchased individually. This is because; the purchase of policies is made in bulk amount, which leads to the reduction of costs in the allover payment, made. It also happens sometimes for large organizations, whose owners pay a part of the premium, leading to the decrease per unit in payment of premiums for the employees.

The next advantage that is obtained through group healthcare policies is that, there is hardly any question that remains on the eligibility criteria. As the plans are purchased in bulk for an entire group of workers and employees, health insurance companies do not ask for individual medical tests and other proofs while offering the polices to each of the employees. Another most proven advantage of such policies is that they are portable. This means that once the employees obtain such insurance plans, it will remain with them throughout their lives although he/she gets out of job. But the only condition is that, the person should continue paying the premiums timely, in order to hold on their policies lifelong. For example, the Federal COBRA plans operate on similar terms.

There is a federal and state healthcare plan that is popularly called Medicaid. It is the main health care option for those employees who have low monthly income. Women, children and the physically challenged people (either since birth or through any disease) are offered some special contemplation to obtain Medicaid. However in order to get hold of the same, people must get in touch with the Medicaid centers that are present in each of their respective state.

Ask questions before buying a healthcare plan

Choosing a health insurance program is always a tough task. So before purchasing such a plan, it is better to ask few questions before choosing any one. You may choose any insurance plan individually or through your employer via the group healthcare plan. But before choosing any one, make sure to clear out certain queries that are mentioned below, to the insurance seller or the HR manager who is in charge of selling the health insurance policy.

  • Ascertain that whether the healthcare policy allows you to select your own doctor or the healthcare center, you want to consult.
  • In case the insurance pre-instates or refers any doctor or hospital, then find out about the procedure of the referral system.
  • Question to the insurance agent about the presence of any clauses (any specific health conditions or medical treatment) in the policy, which can make you disqualified for getting insurance coverage.
  • Question about the process of healthcare services which you can obtain when you are outside home or on travel.
  • Be sure to calculate your expenditures on the insurance, and so ask about the amount of premium which you have to pay monthly for the insurance policy. Also enquire about the deductible (the sum of money which needs to be paid from your side, before the policy starts to meet up the expenses for your healthcare treatment) and also the co-payment (particular price which you have to pay from your side, for any precise expense that needs to be paid in compliance to the main medical treatment, like the doctors visit charges, prescription charges etc.
  • Enquire about the charges which you have to pay from your side, in case you visit any physician or healthcare clinic, whose expenses are not within the coverage of your healthcare policy.
  • Also ask about the highest limit of reimbursements which your health insurance policy can make for your healthcare, every year or during your entire life period.
  • There are many health insurance plans that donít meet the expenses of specific form of treatment like alternative medicine treatment, special types of healthcare services and others. So, be sure to enquire about the various clauses of coverage options that will be provided by your healthcare plan.

Other specifications to be cleared when choosing healthcare plans

Every person has their own problems. So an individual is always the perfect judge who can evaluate his/her own situations, state of affairs, and other problems. In case you need to visit any physician or healthcare clinic intermittently, then it will be wise to select the health insurance policy that asks you to shell out a big stack for cash for paying the premium. This will minimize your frequent expenses which you would have made for the doctoral visits. On the other hand if you are completely fit and think that you need to consult a doctor only on special instances, then go for the policy that requires you to pay low monthly premiums. But in this case, you will need to shell out money out of your pocket every time you go and visit your doctor.

Another thing that you must keep in mind while choosing the health insurance plan for yourself, is about the different services that the different policies offer to serve. Most of the healthcare plans provides all the standard services and covers almost all your medical expenses. But there are many policies that donít provide you cover for alternative medicine treatment, mental treatment and other generic forms of treatment. So be sure to check out for these issues if you really need cover for such treatments. Purchase the one that offers you the similar most required benefits.

However, every subscriber of health insurance policies is allowed to alter and modify their plans every year, which follows from the date of registration of the policy. So, in case your plan is worrying you a lot or doesnít covers few services and medical expenses, then you can conveniently shift to other options of the plan and make it suitable as per as your requirements.


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