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CMA stresses for change in outlook to renovate healthcare

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CMA stresses for change in outlook to renovate healthcare

CMA stresses for change in outlook to renovate healthcare

The CMA has asked Canadian residents to transform its outlook on healthcare, as then only the healthcare condition of Canada will be reformed. This proposition has been laid after thorough research from the European countries. This article informs about this innovative campaign in details.

The President of CMA (Canadian Medical Association), Dr. Robert Quellet has insisted the Canadian inhabitants to change their previous outlook, and in its place, look forward to renovate the healthcare condition of Canada.

As per Dr. Quellet, it is very much necessary for the people to change their viewpoint towards health care initially and this change should come from within, if they expect to modify the poor healthcare condition and make quality health care available to all. Quellet remarked that attempts have been made earlier to improve the health care system by increasing finances, but now it has been found that funding cannot be the ultimate way out, to bring about a drastic improvement in the health care condition of Canada.

Few month ago, Dr. Quellet and a group of healthcare experts from CMA paid a visit to some of the countries in Europe (namely; France, United Kingdom, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and others) and came across with many other doctors, patients, nurses, healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations, government etc. Dr. Quellet with the other CMA members researched about their secret of success in their health care condition and the reason of this success.

Initial studies and researches proves that these European countries are exposed to the similar problems like that in Canada. Some of these problems are like intricacies in delivering best healthcare services, aging populace, escalating requirements of healthcare services and many others. But despite of this, their health care system is much improved than that of Canada, as the people of these countries have adopted a different way of thinking towards healthcare.

Therefore, Dr. Quellet quoted few of the chief points, which CMA will be conversing with the people of Canada. They are as follows:

  • Although the countries in Europe employ the private sector inside their health care structure, but despite of that they follow the attitude of delivering health care services to all its residents selflessly, even if some of these people cannot pay for the care services.
  • In the European structure of health care, the patients of the public and that of the private health care systems are not considered unequally. Depending on the requirement of care for the patient, there is often apparent swapping between these two health care systems and this doesn't depends on the attitudes or monetary issues that decides the process and the place, where care is delivered, i.e. whenever a patient requires care, it is offered without considering any of the problem causing entities that stands in between.
  • The patients in these European nations hardly confront waiting periods and they also have to make lesser expenditure for availing health care services, than that in Canada.
  • For the European countries, there exists a genuine commonality in opposition to any kind of distress. There also exists a dedication to guarantee equal and prompt delivery of care services for all.
  • The governments of these European nations invest adequate amount of money in the hospitals (depending on their individual endeavors), so that it can offer quality care at affordable prices. Such a thing if would have been practiced in Canada too, may have uplifted the standard of health care much earlier.

Dr. Quellet have remarked that Canada strives to switch financial support on or off, for healthcare improvement, as per its financial condition. In its place, it should have enhanced the competence and increased the net output inside the system. The result of not practicing these techniques is the utter sufferings of the patients who are the victims of the Canada's poor health care system.

In the upcoming weeks of February 2009, the CMA will carry on this discussion with the people of Canada many of which will consists doctors, nurses, patients, lawmakers and even the government. The ideal aim of this discussion will be to design an improved way of reforming the health care condition of Canada.

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