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Coca-Cola prosecuted for its so-called VitaminWater by Advocacy Team

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Coca-Cola prosecuted for its so-called VitaminWater by Advocacy Team

Coca-Cola prosecuted for its so-called VitaminWater by Advocacy Team

Universally famous Coca-Cola Co. has been sued for selling VitaminWater under the name of a health drink, which turns out to be a calorie filled soft drink. Many facts have been supported to prove this fact by the opponents. Coke has also forwarded combating facts to support its image. This article reports the tight fight!

May be the New Year 2009 is not lucky for the largest beverage producer of the Globe, the Coca-Cola Company. On January 15, a nutrition advocacy team prosecuted the Coca-Cola Co. for selling the 'sham' health beverage VitaminWater. The Company is accused of selling sugar water under the name of VitaminWater.

However, Coca-Cola claims its beverage containing essential vitamins, which improves the health and also immunes it against all sort of diseases. The Center for Science in the Public Interest, Washington has conversely blamed Coca-Cola as they claims that no such vitamins are found in its VitaminWater, which indicates that the Coca-Cola Co. mainly tried to promote it under deception. The Advocacy team filed the case against Coca-Cola, under the U.S. District Court of North California.

The different flavors of VitaminWater were advertised and sold under the terms like 'energy', 'defense', 'rescue', 'endurance' etc. VitaminWater is composed of three important constituents namely water, fructose and cane sugar. A 20 ounce bottle of VitaminWater contains nearly 33gm of sugar. The advocacy team reported that it is devoid of any energy crystals and vitamins, but lots of calories. So how can this be a health drink?

VitaminWater was launched by the Coca-Cola Co. in the year 2007 for a price of 4.1 billion US Dollars. It was released when customers were making a lesser purchase of soda and aerated drinks as they were concerned about their health. So as to gain profit under the 'health drink' concept, VitaminWater was launched. The complaints launched against Coca-Cola states that they made a huge profit through their so-called soft drink (VitaminWater), by playing with the customers' conscience.

There are even many customers who were found to gain more calories in their body, instead of getting vitamins by drinking VitaminWater. They also jointly complained with the help of the advocacy team against Coca-Cola.

Plus, Coca-Cola was also charged of using the synthetically sugared green-tea drink Enviga, which falsely claims to help a person to shred off excess weight.

But, on the other hand Coca-Cola has strongly objected to the accusations that were put against it. Diana Garza Ciarlante, the spokesperson of Coca-Cola commented that the charges are completely preposterous and filed just to lower the image of the Company and nothing else. Customers can check out the nutrient details that are provided on every bottle of VitaminWater.

Whatever the case is, the truth is unclear still now. Both the parties (Coca-Cola on one side and the Advocacy team with the support of the Center for Science in the Public Interest on the other side) are ready to fetch justice in the court.

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