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Community Flex™, an inexpensive Healthcare program by American Community

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Community Flex™, an inexpensive Healthcare program by American Community

Community Flex™, an inexpensive Healthcare program by American Community

Community Flex™, one of the cheapest health insurance products is now available in about 13 American states. Brought out by the famous American Community Mutual Insurance Company, this healthcare programs aims in giving maximum benefits to customers in return of minimum expenses. It has many features and benefits.

An inexpensive healthcare plan was at last introduced in the healthcare market of USA by the American Community Mutual Insurance Company. This year, January 14th, the company announced that Community Flex™ would now be available in Indiana and Arizona. The Community Flex™ is a form of PPO plan that aims in cutting down the excess medical costs of the customers. However, this product will be available only through independent insurance representatives for the time being starting from the 1st day of March, 2009. This product has been launched both for the individual customers and also offers coverage for groups and families.

Brief introduction of the American Community

Community Flex™ is backed by the prestigious American Community Mutual Insurance Company. With about 14,000 insurance representatives, they have firmly established their roots in different parts of the country.

Types and benefits of Community Flex™

Community Flex™ is available in three types, namely,

  • Flex 60
  • Flex 80
  • and Flex 100

All these three variants are designed to serve different purposes of different people. Customers who will purchase Community Flex™ will have several choices of paying deductibles and receiving benefits, so that they can obtain the maximum gains in the best possible ways. In addition to this, the rate of monthly premium of Community Flex™ will be fixed for the first 2 years (=24 months) of the coverage. However this facility will be provided, only if the customers agree to pay $5,000 or more than it as the deductible of this insurance plan. In case, customers opt for paying smaller deductibles ranging from $500 to $3,500, then the rate of premium of this insurance policy will be assured only for the first year (=12 months) of the coverage.

Features and privileges of Community Flex™

In addition to the features mentioned above, Community Flex™ offers lots of added features and advantages that are mentioned below:

  • A maximum possible coverage of $5 million for every customer
  • Accident insurance facility is available for all the schemes of the policy
  • Customers will also be able to have coverage for accidental death or dismemberment reasons.
  • It allows every customer to shift to the Gold Benefits features that is destined to provide luxuriant privileges and benefits.
  • The policy comes with a Value concession card that offers better concessions, rebates and advanced prescription features.
  • Eye care facilities

In the year 2008, the American Community Mutual Insurance Company has got good client satisfaction reports after launching Community Flex™ in 11 different states of the nation; namely- Tennessee, Nebraska, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Iowa and Texas. Similar reports are expected this year also.

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