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Congress Approves Trillion Dollar Budget of Obama

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Congress Approves Trillion Dollar Budget of Obama

Congress Approves Trillion Dollar Budget of Obama

At last, the Congress casted its approval for the proposed budget plans of US President Barack Obama. This budget plan is regarded as one of the chief attempts of the president to revive the health care condition of the country and also the dying economy. Most of the Democrats played an important role in voting for the budget plan while others opposed it. The approval of the plan means a lot to the US health care system. This article narrates the victory, the aims of the budget plans and also its significance for the Americans.

The President of the United States has just completed 100 days of his designation and recently his federal budget proposal of $3.4 trillion, which was scheduled for the year 2010, was finally approved by the Democratic leaders in Congress. It however stopped the Republican leaders from obstructing Obama's suggested budget plan of government-sponsored health care for the following 10 years from now onwards.

On April 29, 2009, the Senate and the House opted for accepting the untied budget plan, which is regarded as the initial initiative of the country's health care reform of the newly elected president. The proposed budget outline for the financial year commences from October 1, 2009. It fixes the limits for the ensuing tax and payment bills, which is anticipated to develop energy projects, in addition to offering student assistance and expand some of the tax reduction plans of ex-president George W. Bush.

The official spokesperson for the House, Nancy Pelosi of California Democrat has remarked that the proposed budget will help in cutting down taxes, decrease the rate of unemployment along with aiding in the productions of more jobs. As per her, the budget plan complies with the president's aims, i.e. Improvement of Health Care, Development of Energy projects and Betterment of Education.

Just as the budget plan got its approval from the Congress, Obama reminded the entire country about his assurance to eliminate recession and revival from the poor condition of the country, to its original powerful position once again.

Despite of various oppositions and obstructions from the Republicans, Obama's budget proposal was passed ultimately. However, the Democratic leaders assures of looking out for a bipartisan contract. The president's budget plan secured a Senate voting of 53-43 and ultimately emerged victorious.

Although, a majority of the Democratic leaders voted for the budget plan, but around 17 House members and few other Democrats opposed it. Among them were Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania Democrat, Indiana Democratic leader Evan Bayh, Nebraska Democratic leader Ben Nelson, Democratic leader of West Virginia, Robert Byrd and several others in the queue. It is needless to say that all the Republicans were against the approval of the budget plan. In general the ultimate victory was thus quite challenging for President Obama to get approval for his devised budget plan.

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